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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Why I Use Amber Teething Necklaces

I get asked this question ALL THE TIME so I'm here to answer the following:

"Why is your son wearing a necklace?"

And here's the scoop in our household:

Short answer:

It's a baltic amber teething necklace that naturally helps reduce inflammation and pain from teething. He has 9 teeth (one of which is a molar) and we haven't had to use Tylenol and there haven't been any sleepless nights. I swear by these!

Long answer: (see above and add): Baltic Amber teething necklaces are made from fossilized tree resin which contains "succinic acid". The heat from our bodies helps release this acid into the skin and it's a natural anti-inflammatory. For a baby who is teething, this is going to reduce the drool and help with painful gums. We consider our necklaces to no longer be effective at the 6 month mark. They can still be worn because they look cool, but you'll want to add a new one to get the anti-inflammatory benefits. My son has two on right now and one is new and the other just looks amazing and has an intricate design. You shouldn't let baby wear them to bed (even with a safety clasp), and they are NOT made to be chewed on. Make sure you buy the right size so they aren't too big or too small. Obviously, too small would be uncomfortable, but too big would allow them to pull and chew. They come in 11-11.5 inch and 12-12.5 inch. You can even buy adult sizes, bracelets for baby, bracelets for adults, etc...

If you are local to me you'll find these gorgeous and beneficial necklaces at the following retailer:

Green BayBeez LLC
109 North Wisconsin Street
DePere, WI 54115

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