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Monday, July 25, 2016

Gardspo Expandable Hose Review

Please enjoy this 5 star review for: World's Strongest Expandable Garden Hose with MADE IN USA inner tube material and NEW DOUBLE M FABRIC, Expanding Hose Flexible Hose Expandable Hose with Hose Nozzle & Hose Holder (50 ft, Black)

This Gardspo hose seems stronger than others I've tried. It's very well made yet lightweight. The other perk is it seems to offer more water pressure than other similar hoses. It's a very high quality hose that comes with a very nice sprayer attachment. Easy to use & great design!

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  1. The Dignitree® expanding garden water hose is the ultimate addition that gardeners have been waiting for. Not only is it kink-free - the bane of any horticulturists life, it is also incredibly strong, long-lasting and ultra-lightweight. On our first go with it, the Dignitree® 75FT garden hose expanded to more than three times its normal length and it automatically contracted back within a matter of seconds - it's a phenomenal feat of engineering:

    The 100% brass fittings are so much better than plastic because they won't strip and they don't leak at all. This hose has a durable nylon cover that is much better than my last one so I expect it to last a lot longer. The included spray nozzle is phenomenal. This hose even comes with a storage ring that attaches to your wall.