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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

9 Year Old Andre Otto Reviews "The Jupiter Chronicles" by Leonardo Ramirez

Review by Andre Nicholas Casavant-Otto

I thought this book was fun to read; I want to read more books by Leonardo Ramirez. The characters were well described. I could relate to them and liked their names and that they were different. My favorite character was Ian.

My favorite part of the book was where Petro says to Ian "I got you". I liked this part because it takes Ian back to when he got his telescope and his dad said "I got you son".

I was easy to follow this story line and I want to re-read The Jupiter Chronicles again someday soon. My friends should read it too.

About the Book:

The Jupiter Chronicles: The Secret of the Great Red Spot (book 1)

It is the year 1892 and Ian and Callie Castillo have had to suffer the hardships of a single parent family since their father went missing five years ago. Since then Ian has refused to use the last gift that his father left the wounded boy; a telescope that sits collecting dust in the attic.

When Callie decides to peer through its murky lens it activates the device and sends the Castillos to the steam-powered floating cities of Jupiter where they discover the secret behind their father's disappearance. But can they uncover the secret behind the Red Spot and save the Jovians before the Martians launch their attack?

"A Science Fiction Book Series for Kids 9-12 that all ages will enjoy!" ~ Nicholas Yanes, Ph.D American Studies and contributor to SciFi Pulse

ISBN (13): 978-0615633336
Print Length: 90 pages
Publisher: Leonardoverse; 1 edition (January 1, 2014)
Publication Date: January 1, 2014
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Language: English
ASIN: B008Y65J1M

About Leonardo Ramirez:

Leonardo Ramirez is an author, husband, a father and a Karate instructor with a 4th degree black belt. His first graphic novel, HAVEN OF DANTE, is a supernatural Young Adult story centered on an ancient war between the Dante family and the nine circles of hell. HAVEN OF DANTE: THE STAFF OF MOSHE takes readers much deeper into the world of the family line with a prologue that begins with the plight of Dante Alighieri himself!

His follow up is a Children’s Science Fiction book called THE JUPITER CHRONICLES: THE SECRET OF THE GREAT RED SPOT. It follows the adventure of two children as they are transported to the steam-powered cities of Jupiter, find their long-lost father and stop an attack from Mars.

"My heart and motive have always been for people who are hurting. These can be kids who have had to suffer through child abuse or neglect or an absent parent which can be equally torturous as was the case in The Jupiter Chronicles. It can also be young girls who have suffered an assault like Haven did in Haven of Dante. Young or old it doesn’t matter. Those are the kids and adults I want to speak to because I’ve been there."

It’s not just Science Fiction.

It’s "Science Fiction for the Human Condition".

Leonardo Ramirez lives with his wife Kristen, their daughter Mackenzy and their two dogs, Duchess and Tinkerbell in Nolensville, Tennessee.

You can visit him at his website at

About today's reviewer Andre Nicholas Casavant-Otto:

Andre recently turned 9 years old and he lives in Northern Wisconsin with his parents, siblings, and lots of animals. Andre enjoys sports of all sorts and when he's not tossing a ball around or swimming, you'll find his nose in a book. He loves reading books about boys his own age and enjoys meeting different authors. If you'd like Andre to review any children's books, you can reach him via his mother at: Andre prefers print books and loves signed copies.

Special thank you to Leonardo Ramirez for the lovely signed copy of today's book and thanks to mom for buying the book as a Christmas present!

1 comment:

  1. Andre Nicholas Casavant-Otto, I think you are destined to continue to review books and think it's wonderful that you love to read. Too many young people today only read what they're assigned to read and have to read. Clearly, at 9 years old you're already winning the heart of this reader. All best wishes to you. May you continue to fulfill your potential as a sweet smiling, hard working, reader/book reviewer.
    ~Linda Appleman Shapiro