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Friday, May 16, 2014

A 5 Star Children's Book: Cann Family Desserts


Cann Family Desserts is a fabulous book for the entire family. But don't take my word for's what my 7 year old daughter had to say:

Book Review: Cann Family Desserts
Review By: Carmen Jeanne Casavant

I really like Cann Family Desserts. It was a good book for teaching about what desserts are good and bad. The pictures were really interesting because food doesn't really talk, so the pictures made me laugh. I like grocery shopping with my mom so I liked the part about making smart choices at the grocery store and at home. I'm going to make better dessert choices too, just like the Cann Family.

Carmen Jeanne Casavant is 7 years old and lives in Reedsville, WI with her two younger brothers
(Andre who is 5 and Breccan who is 7 months) and her parents. Carmen enjoys helping on the family's dairy farm and she is an avid reader. Carmen loves fiction and non-fiction books and is happy to help her mom review books appropriate to her age.

Learn more about the Cann Family here:



Book Details:

Written by Kathy Carniero

Illustrated by Dana Pierson


The Cann Family  is a series of children's books about overcoming life's challenges. With each book in the D series the Cann family is faced with a life challenge. Together, the family comes up with creative and fun ways to overcome these challenges. At the end of each book there is a family project for you and your family to do to help overcome these challenges.

"Big or small if the Cann family can get through it so can your family." -Kathy carniero




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