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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Pink Paisleys - Review & Recommendation **Fleece Baby Items Made to Order !!

Yesterday I had an opportunity to tell you about a fabulous business making wool diaper covers and baby/toddler pants. Well, today I want to tell all you fleece lovers about a fabulous business making fleece diaper covers and baby/toddler pants as well as other made to order items. I happen to love fleece just as much as I love wool and Pink Paisleys fulfills my fleece orders!

You'll find exactly what you're looking for at Pink Paisleys and if you can't find it, just explain it and they'll make it for you! My little guy fell in love with his new shorts - they were so cuddly he fell right to sleep! Fleece is a great option to stop leaks and of course we all know how cuddly soft fleece is against even the most sensitive skin.

If you don't happen to be from Marshalltown Iowa, You'll find Pink Paisleys on Facebook here:

Reasonable prices, quality baby items, unique prints!

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