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Friday, December 16, 2016

Hip Peas Detangling Spray - 5 Star Review

Do you ever see a cute little girl with adorable piggy tails and wonder what sort of magic potion her mom is drinking, spraying, or using to make that magic happen? Maybe you just assume her mom is a unicorn as you look at your daughter who is currently wearing a cap because you couldn't find the strength to go through yet another screaming match so you opted to skip hair brushing again today? I've been fact, with my oldest daughter, I just had the beautician chop her hair off because I couldn't wrestle with her each and every morning. I'm so much wiser now (that or I really am a rainbow pooping unicorn) - and I use Hip Peas detangler on my littlest daughter and she has the cutest hair each and every day WITHOUT TEARS! Seriously - if you haven't tried these products, you need to. They smell great and make life so much easier - whether you are or are not a unicorn mom. #MusesOfInfluenster #UnicornMom

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