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Friday, April 20, 2012

Relax Wedding Consulting?

Planning a wedding is fun - kid you not...I'm having a blast! If you Google wedding planning in Manitowoc County you are directing to a site called: Wedding Wire ( and there are NO wedding planners in this area. So first of all, there is a need and second of all, it's a fairly profitable endeavor. The going rate for a wedding consultant or wedding planner is  15-20% of the total wedding budget. This means, if your wedding costs $15,000 the consultant would be paid: $2,250-$3,000. A consultant can offer as much or as little guidance as necessary and may want to offer help with building a wedding website as well as arranging the wedding itself.

Relax...I'm not planning on increasing what we offer at Relax Consulting. Just a random thought. I do have to say that if has been less than three weeks since Mark's proposal and I am proud to announce that

*Invitations and Response Cards have been designed, printed, and are ready for mailing
*The guest list has been finalized
*The reception hall has been booked and the down payment has been made (menu finalized)
*The cake has been designed and the baker contract is signed
*The wedding dress has been chosen and alterations are done
*The miniature brides dress has been chosen and ordered
*The parties have been planned
*The couple has registered at Kohls
*The church has been chosen and retained
*The flowers have been chosen and ordered
*The unity candle has been chosen, purchased, and is displayed in the brides kitchen
*The cake topper, unity candle stand, and cake server/knife have been chosen, purchased, and are on display
*The hair appointments have been made
*The white doves have been reserved for the special post-service launch

Here's what we are waiting on:

*The City Manager to return the call about ordinances allowing a horse drawn carriage through town.
*Brides Maids to choose dresses
*Grooms Men to choose tuxes

I'm feeling very relaxed as I write out the invitations. I'm hoping that this thorough preparation helps ensure that I'll be no bridezilla when the big day gets closer.

If you think Relax should consider adding wedding consulting, let me know - I'd consider it (if this goes off without a hitch).


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