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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wedding Plans - Coming Along Nicely

This post is multi-purpose - it will help me go through my to-list, help me be organized, and will also tip readers off to some amazing people and businesses in the area - so here goes:

August 11th is the official wedding day and we've chosen a 3pm service time, 4:30 cocktails, and 5pm sit down meal. We didn't want anyone waiting around wondering what to do or wasting their time between the church and reception, so we hope this time-frame works for all. For similar reasons, there won't be any rehearsal. Several of those standing up live out of town and we hate to inconvenience anyone making them drive twice.

The Church: Good Shepherd Lutheran Church was so helpful and even assisted with arranging for special music, musicians, and gave me a hand out to help with making arrangements:  - I feel so blessed to be getting married in the church I was baptized and confirmed in! ##date confirmed, organist confirmed, violinist to be confirmed tonight (note to self)

Food: The Lighthouse Inn has been incredibly helpful and we are leaning toward chicken and tips family style instead of buffet which might be easier for some of our older family members and the children (or parents of children). Jim at the Lighthouse Inn has gone out of his way to help us: and we cannot wait to enjoy the lovely view of lake Michigan as we celebrate with friends and family. ##Don't forget to sign the forms and make the down payment (note to self) ... they also give the bride and groom a complimentary room - can't wait to relax...another note to self ##ask grandma is she can take the children over night.

The Photographer: Olivia Brey of Oh Photography has agreed to be our photographer ##don't forget to sign the contract and get her the 50% down (note to self) and she did such an amazing job on our family photos, we cannot wait! I feel so blessed that she will be part of our special day!

The DJ:  Kelly Froelich of KTC Fallout has agreed to be our DJ - I've heard Kelly before and he's fabulous, we are excited that he will be part of our special day and trust that he will play only the most fabulous tunes to keep us jamming all night long!

The flowers are going to be simple - I'm thinking we won't have anything elaborate, and possibly just a yellow rose on the altar in honor of those who have passed on and cannot be with us. We will probably contact the Flower Gallery for the bridal bouquet. Diana there is so talented and the staff is friendly and dedicated to customer service! ##this is still on my to do list once we choose a color (note to self)

The Cake: We have chosen to have our cake done by Cravings - Home of Kristy's Kakes for our cake - and I am meeting with them on the 18th to make that decision - the cake topper will be the cake topper my parents had at their wedding so many years ago - it will be close to having my father there in sort of a reassuring and teasing way...yup, he's the little guy on top of the cake - LOL ##remember to ask about petit chocolates or something decorative for the head table (note to self)

The Dress(es): I think I am going to go with something from David's Bridal as they have online specials for $199 and maybe even better deals in the store and they offer free shipping. And for those standing up - I'm hoping they can find something by Vera Wang that would be nice enough for them to wear again - they have such cute styles. Otherwise, just something in the same color is fine, I don't want to make it more work than it's worth for the special ladies!

The Manly Men Outfits: The plan is black suits with ties - instead of renting a tux...that way they have something they can wear again, and Schroeders has such great prices - and then just a tie in the right color.

Unity Candle: This is on the to do list - any suggestions?

Invitations: This is on the to do list - planning on using Send Out Cards to simplify the process.

What else are we missing? Post your comments - we appreciate your help!!

May your paths be abundantly filled with lemons, sugar, and sunshine!!



  1. I love Olivia at Oh! Photography! She's doing my friends family pics. Sooooo talented!

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