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Friday, April 4, 2014

Bolder Bands - a Bold New Way to Control Your Hair!


I was complaining about my hair the other day. I don't think my head is odd shaped, but for some reason headbands have always slid off my head or made me feel like my head was being squished in a vice. Even with my hair in a ponytail, it always ends up falling in my face. This is problematic when I'm working out, taking care of animals or children, and I have been searching for a solution. Well, I FINALLY found one when I stumbled across Bolder Band Headbands!

I ordered a Bolder Band and chose something bright. I suppose I could have opted for a solid color, but I thought it would be fun to get bold with my Bolder Band. The price was right, the ordering process was easy, and my Bolder Band arrived quickly. After wearing it for a few days, my only disappointment was not owning more than just one. I wore my band while babywearing and was relieved to have hair that stayed put (and my son might have been a bit relieved too...since there was no longer hair in his eyes). I wore my Bolder Band while feeding calves and spent no time brushing hair out of my eyes while bending and carrying buckets. The only place I didn't wear my band was to bed. It was perfect while washing my face, awesome while cooking, and I was complimented by countless numbers of friends and strangers. I definitely see a Bolder Band movement starting here on the Lakeshore as more and more people realize what a great find this is!

My children are excited about the next Bolder Band order - they each want their own and have already decided on their favorite colors and patterns. My soon to be 6 year old son is so excited he wore my Bolder Band while exercising this evening! Don't worry, you can order a Bro Band and that's exactly what Andre is waiting for, but in the meantime I think he's pulling this off well!

Thank you to Amy and the Bolder Band team! When I told them how much we loved our bands, they sent us a freebie. Talk about great customer service. It's fabulous to find a product that is useful, well priced, and distributed by a company of amazing customer-service-oriented people! 5 stars for Bolder Bands!!! 

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