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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Recipe: Mini Hamburger/Fries Cookie Treats

Here's a recipe your children will love! It's even easy enough to do as a family and there's no baking involved.

What you'll need:

Baking cups  (24 if you're making 24, 48 if you're making 48, etc...)
Vanilla Wafers (buy 2 boxes just in case you have a lot of broken pieces)
Thin Mint cookies (Girlscout cookies work fine, or I believe Keebler makes a knock off)
Red Frosting and Yellow Frosting (or white frosting and food coloring)
Sweetened Flake Coconut and Green Food Coloring
Sesame Seed
Potato Sticks (or as my daddy called them: shoestring potatoes)


Organize the appropriate number of Vanilla Wafers on a platter or cookie sheet. You are just putting down the bottom buns right now.

Place a small dollop of ketchup and mustard (yellow and red frosting) on the bottom bun to secure the 'hamburger'.

Place the Mint cookies on top of the ketchup and mustard and press down gently forcing some of the 'condiments' to smoosh to the edges of the bun and become visible.

Place another small dollop of ketchup and mustard (yellow and red frosting) on the top of the 'beef' (mint cookie).

Pour approximately 1 cup of coconut flakes into a zip lock baggie. Add a few drops of green food coloring and share vigorously until the coconut flakes appear perfect to imitate lettuce on your burgers.

Take a pinch of lettuce and drop it onto the condiments.

Take a vanilla wafer and place it on top of each burger. Press down gently and the vanilla wafer will stick to the frosting and cause the smooshing out of the condiments again. Things should be looking fairly realistic at this point.

Mix your water and sugar to form a sticky little mixture you can stick your finger in (of course your fingers will be clean). Only do a few burgers at a time...dip your finger in the sugar water and touch the top of the vanilla wafer and then shake some sesame seeds over the bun. The seeds should stick to the sugar water and give the bun a realistic appearance.

Allow each cookie to dry for a few moments and then place them into their own baking cup.

Add a pinch or so of the potato sticks so your hamburger appears to be nestled in a little basket with french fries on the side.

This is a nice salty/sweet combination that looks better than it tastes. Either way, it's a fun project and makes a nice snack for classmates and friends.


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