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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Flight Risk by Cara Putman on Tour April 1-30, 2020

Flight Risk

by Cara Putman

on Tour April 1-30, 2020


Flight Risk by Cara Putman

Bestselling author Cara Putman returns with a romantic legal thriller that will challenge the assumptions of truth tellers everywhere.

Savannah Daniels has worked hard to build her law practice, to surround herself with good friends, and to be the loyal aunt her troubled niece can always count on. But since her ex-husband’s betrayal, she has trouble trusting anyone.

Jett Glover’s father committed suicide over a false newspaper report that ruined his reputation. Now a fierce champion of truth, Jett is writing the story of his journalism career—an international sex-trafficking exposé that will bring down a celebrity baseball player and the men closest to him, including Savannah’s ex-husband.

When Jett’s story breaks, tragedy ensues. Then a commercial airline crashes, and one of Savannah’s clients is implicated in the crash. Men connected to the scandal, including her ex, begin to die amid mysterious circumstances, and Savannah’s niece becomes an unwitting target.

Against their better instincts, Jett and Savannah join ranks to sort the facts from fiction. But can Savannah trust the reporter who threw her life into chaos? And can Jett face the possibility that he’s made the biggest mistake of his life?

Book Details:

Genre: Political/Romantic Suspense

Published by: Thomas Nelson

Publication Date: April 7th 2020

Number of Pages: 336

ISBN: 078523327X (ISBN13: 9780785233275)

Series: This is a Stand Alone Novel

Purchase Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Goodreads

Read an excerpt:

The conversation flowed over the antipasti course and into the pasta della casa. Every bite of Savannah’s manicotti alla fiorentina was wonderful, the ricotta and spinach blending perfectly. Just when she knew she couldn’t take another bite and get anything done afterward, thanks to the food coma, a waiter came out with a slice of cheesecake. Her mouth watered as she took in the raspberries atop the homemade delight. She put a hand on her stomach and then smiled. “I hope you brought fresh forks for everyone.”
The handsome waiter flashed a bright smile. “Whatever the birthday donna wishes is my command.” He gave a slight bow and turned away. A moment later when he returned, a fist of forks at the ready, his demeanor had changed.
Emilie watched him a moment. “What’s wrong, Antonio?”
“There has been a horrible accident. It is on the TV in the office.”
“What kind of accident?” Savannah leaned toward him. “Does it involve someone you know?”
“No.” The man shook his head, and not one of his dark hairs moved. Yet his eyes were weighted with sadness and the shadow of something more. “It is a plane. It looks bad.”
“Oh no.” The memory of a plane careening by as she looked out a courtroom window in downtown Washington, DC, years earlier flashed through her mind. Savannah fought a shudder as she withdrew a credit card from her phone case and placed it on the bill, only for Hayden to slide it back to her and replace it with her own.
“Thank you.”
Please let this be a terrible accident and not the beginning of another 9/11.
Jaime’s head was bowed over her phone as she clicked the screen. “Looks like an isolated crash.”
All Savannah could think was that Jaime should add so far to her sentence. “That’s what we all thought on 9/11 too.”
Then a second plane careened into the Twin Towers. She saw the plane that hit the Pentagon, and a fourth plane crashed in Pennsylvania, killing one of her fellow law students. She cleared her throat and stood, motioning the gals to join her.
“Let’s get back to work and see what we can learn.”
As they left her favorite restaurant, her phone buzzed and she paused to pull it out of her pocket. She glanced at the text message on the screen and her blood froze.
911. From Addy. Their emergency code.
Excerpt from Flight Risk by Cara Putman. Copyright 2020 by Cara Putman. Reproduced with permission from Thomas Nelson. All rights reserved.

Author Bio:

Cara Putman
Cara Putman is the author of more than twenty-five legal thrillers, historical romances, and romantic suspense novels. She has won or been a finalist for honors including the ACFW Book of the Year and the Christian Retailing’s BEST Award. Cara graduated high school at sixteen, college at twenty, completed her law degree at twenty-seven, and recently received her MBA. She is a practicing attorney, teaches undergraduate and graduate law courses at a Big Ten business school, and is a homeschooling mom of four. She lives with her husband and children in Indiana.

Visit her at:, Goodreads, BookBub, Instagram, Twitter - @Cara_Putman, & Facebook - Cara.Putman!

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This is a rafflecopter giveaway hosted by Partners in Crime Virtual Book Tours for Cara Putman and Thomas Nelson. There will be 2 winners. Each winner will receive a set of three (3) print copies by Cara Putman. The giveaway begins on April 1, 2020 and runs through May 2, 2020. Open to U.S. addresses only. Void where prohibited.
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A Venomous Love by Chris Karlsen on Tour April 1-30, 2020

A Venomous Love by Chris Karlsen Banner



A Venomous Love

by Chris Karlsen

on Tour April 1-30, 2020


A Venomous Love by Chris Karlsen

The killer whispered-“A pretty damsel...worth a pretty risk."

A veteran, Detective Rudyard Bloodstone has fought a brutal battle and witnessed war horrors that haunt his nightmares. Now one of those horrors has followed him home from Africa.

A vicious predator, the Cape cobra, can kill a man in thirty minutes. A suspect using the snake as a weapon in robberies is terrorizing London.

When the crimes escalate into murder, a victim’s daughter, Honoria Underhill, becomes the focus of the killer. After several attempts on her life, Scotland Yard threatens to take over the high profile case. With few leads to follow, Bloodstone and his partner must now fight department politics and catch the killer before Underhill becomes another murder victim.

Book Details:

Genre: Historical Suspense

Published by: Books to Go Now

Publication Date: February 28, 2020

Number of Pages: TBD

ISBN: 979-8600864139

Series: Bloodstone Series, #3

Purchase Links:







  • Goodreads

  • Read an excerpt:

    Puzzled, Ruddy asked, “You say the body is still in the chapel? Couldn’t the nurse bring an exam table to put him on and start treatment?”
    “She did. Young and I attempted to help but he suffered violent convulsions. Because the hospital is for children, they don’t have restraints. The head nurse instructed us to leave him back on the floor. She was afraid he’d fall off the table.”
    “Makes sense.” The timeframe of Underhill’s death didn’t make sense. At minimum it usually took an hour and more often, hours for the venom to kill. A horrible thought occurred to Ruddy. What if it was a different suspect with a different lethal snake? “But he died while you were still here?”
    “Yes. He convulsed brutally hard a few more times and an excessive amount of drool came out his mouth. Then he lost consciousness. A nurse put a blanket over him and a pillow under his head. He died as she was making him comfortable.”
    “Strange. This is abnormally fast even for cobra venom.” Flanders stepped up on Ruddy’s right. “What is it, constable?”
    “Shall I leave you to start my search?” Flanders asked.
    “Yes. Collect anything, and I mean anything, you find that looks out of the ordinary,” Archie told him. “This case is so unusual we can’t be sure what is important and what isn’t.”
    The nurse led them to the curtained-off bed. Honoria Underhill lay on her side softly sobbing. Her legs were curled up so she fit on the short bed meant for a child. The nurses had covered her with a blanket. When she saw Ruddy and Archie, she sat up and swung her legs down to the side of the bed.
    “Yes. We know this is traumatic for you but we need to ask you to repeat what happened with as much detail as you can recall,” Ruddy told her.
    “I understand.” Her shoulders trembled. She buried her fists in her skirt and kept her head down as she fought to control her emotions.
    Ruddy brought the conversation back to the crime. “Did the suspect say anything when he attacked?”
    “’A pretty little damsel, worth a pretty risk,’ he said as he rushed toward us. Then he leapt at me with the snake in hand inches from my face. Father pushed me out of the man’s reach and stepped between us. My father tried to knock the man’s hand away and swatted at the animal.”
    She dabbed at her nose again and then offered the handkerchief back to Archie who waved off the return. “It happened so fast,” Honoria continued. “In the time it took me to blink, the snake’s throat blew outward, like a fan opening.” She demonstrated the action with her hands. “A second later it lunged and struck.”
    Excerpt from A Venomous Love by Chris Karlsen. Copyright 2020 by Chris Karlsen. Reproduced with permission from Chris Karlsen. All rights reserved.

    Author Bio:

    Chris Karlsen
    I was born and raised in Chicago. My father was a history professor and my mother was, and is, a voracious reader. I grew up with a love of history and books.
    My parents also love traveling, a passion they passed onto me. I wanted to see the places I read about, see the land and monuments from the time periods that fascinated me. I’ve had the good fortune to travel extensively throughout Europe, the Near East, and North Africa.
    I am a retired police detective. I spent twenty-five years in law enforcement with two different agencies. My desire to write came in my early teens. After I retired, I decided to pursue that dream. I write three different series. My paranormal romance series is called, Knights in Time. My romantic thriller series is Dangerous Waters. The newest is The Bloodstone Series, which is historical suspense with romantic elements. Each series has a different setting and some cross time periods, which I find fun to write.
    I currently live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband and four wild and crazy rescue dogs.

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    Tuesday, March 31, 2020

    No Stone Unturned by Andrea Kane - Currently On Tour!

    No Stone Unturned by Andrea Kane Banner



    No Stone Unturned

    by Andrea Kane

    on Tour March 16 - April 17, 2020


    No Stone Unturned by Andrea Kane


    Jewelry designer Fiona McKay is working on her latest collection of Celtic-inspired jewelry. She's excited by the possibilities uncovered by Rose Flaherty, the antiquities dealer helping her research the heirloom tapestries inspiring her new collection. So when Rose calls to tell her she has answers, Fiona hurries to meet her. But her artistic world is shattered when she finds the lifeless body of the elderly woman.

    Why would anyone kill such a harmless person? And what if Fiona had arrived just a few minutes earlier? Would she have been killed as well? Unnerved, she heads for her brother's Brooklyn apartment seeking advice and comfort.

    Ryan McKay, Forensic Instincts' technology wiz is not amused by his little sister interrupting his evening with his girlfriend and co-worker, Claire Hedgleigh. But when Ryan and Claire hear the details of Rose's murder, they fear that Fiona could be next, and quickly assume the role of her protectors. What they're unaware of is how many people are desperately seeking the information now buried along with Rose.

    A former IRA sniper. A traitorous killer who worked for the British. Two vicious adversaries taking their epic battle to America. A secret Irish hoard as the grand prize in a winner takes all fight to the death.

    As the story woven into the tapestries passed down from McKay mother to daughter unravels, Forensic Instincts realizes that Fiona and her family are in grave danger. Together, the team must stay one step ahead of two rival assassins or risk Fiona's life and the McKay family tree.

    Book Details:

    Genre: Suspense Thriller

    Published by: Bonnie Meadow Publishing LLC

    Publication Date:

    Number of Pages: March 17, 2020

    ISBN: 978-1-68232-039-

    Series: Forensic Instincts

    Purchase Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Goodreads

    Read an excerpt:

    Slowly, Rose Flaherty made her way over to the front window of her Greenwich Village antique shop, leaning heavily on her cane as she did. Preoccupied with the ramifications of her research findings, she barely took note of the passersby on Bedford Street, most of them headed home for the evening. A few of them glanced in her window, their unpracticed eyes seeing none of the beauty attached to the treasure trove of antiques and antiquities, instead seeing only the dusty surfaces, the random pieces, and odd assortment of furnishings that bespoke unwanted junk from the past.
    At seventy-nine years old, Rose had long ago stopped caring what people thought. She knew who and what she was. And she knew it was no accident that her established clientele, many of whom were wealthy and educated in the realm of ancient civilizations—including Egyptian, Etruscan, Roman, Byzantine, Greek, and her beloved Celtic—came to her for her expertise as well as her one-of-a-kind offerings. Her knowledge was vast, her list of contacts vaster still.
    The levels of research she performed were always a labor of love. However, her current project was even more than that. It was a thrilling adventure, a fascination of possibilities that transcended anything she’d dealt with in the past.
    She couldn’t wait to delve deeper.
    Impatiently, she squinted at her watch, barely able to make out the hands without the aid of her glasses, which she’d left somewhere. Ah. Five fifteen. Forty-five minutes to go.
    Given the magnitude of her findings, there was just one way to pass the time.
    She limped her way over to her Chippendale desk, sliding open the bottom drawer and pulling out the bottle of rare, old Irish whiskey she kept on hand for special clients. It was sinfully expensive. How fortunate that one of her prominent clients, Niall Dempsey, was a wealthy real estate developer who also appreciated fine Irish whiskey and who had been kind enough to gift this to her.
    She poured the whiskey into a glass, making sure to put out a second for her client. They certainly had something to toast to. She would just get a wee bit of a head start.
    “Rose?” Glenna Robinson, Rose’s assistant, poked her head out of the back room. Glenna was studying archeology at NYU and thoroughly enjoyed her part-time job at the shop. The fragile, white-haired owner was an intellectual wonder. Learning from her was an honor—even if she was becoming a bit more absentminded as she neared eighty. Absentminded about everything except her work. In that precious realm, her mind was like a steel trap.
    “Hmmm?” Rose lifted her lips from her glass and turned, initially surprised to see Glenna was still here. Ah, but it wasn’t yet five thirty, and Glenna never left before checking in, so she should have expected to see her shiny young face. Such was the level of Rose’s absorption with the task at hand. “Yes, dear?”
    Glenna’s gaze flickered from the glass in Rose’s hand to its mate, sitting neatly beside the whiskey bottle on the desk. “Do you need me to stay late? You mentioned an evening appointment, obviously an important one… even if it’s not in the calendar.”
    “It was last minute.” Rose smiled, giving a gentle wave of her hand. “There’s no need for you to stay. This is a meeting, not a transaction. If you’d just collect the mail and drop it off, you can go and enjoy your evening.”
    Glenna smiled back, trying not to look as relieved as she felt. Her friends had invited her to join them for pizza and beer. After a long week, that was exactly what she needed. But she wouldn’t leave Rose in the lurch.
    “Are you sure?” she asked.
    “Positive. Now run along.”
    “Thank you. See you tomorrow afternoon.” Glenna blew Rose a kiss, then retraced her steps into the small back room—the business office, as she and Rose laughingly called it. It was barely larger than a closet, but it served its purpose. Glenna used it to answer phone calls, schedule appointments, email invoices, do reams of paperwork, and keep track of the countless Post-its Rose stuck on every inch of available surface space. She called it Glenna’s to-do list, but Glenna was well aware that the reminders were really for Rose, not for her. All part of Rose’s charm. The Post-it-spotted room contained a jam-packed file cabinet, a rusty metal desk, an on-its- last-legs photocopier, and a computer that Glenna had nicknamed Methuselah because it was older than time. Still, it was enough for their needs and Rose didn’t know how to use it anyway. That was part of Glenna’s job. She’d been doing it since she was sixteen, and she had no desire to go elsewhere.
    She scooped up the stack of mail and was about to leave when she spotted a manila envelope propped up against the outbox with the name of the addressee penned on it in Rose’s neat hand. No street address. No postage.
    Typical forgetful Rose.
    Recognizing the client’s name, Glenna quickly scanned their contacts list, found the requisite address, printed it on a label that she adhered to the envelope, and carefully marked the parcel: hand cancel. She’d take care of the postage at the post office. Jimmy would move the process along. He was an efficient postal worker with a wild crush on her. She’d be in and out in a flash.
    After tucking the envelope beneath the rest of the mail, she shut down Methuselah for the night, then grabbed her lightweight jacket and left the shop.
    The tinkling sound of the bells over the door echoed behind her.
    Twenty minutes later, they tinkled again.
    Rose had been sitting in a chair midway in the shop, her back turned to the entrance as she sipped her whiskey and stared idly at the marble fireplace that stayed lit year-round to ward off dampness and mildew. Hearing the bells, she reached for her cane and came to her feet, surprised but delighted. Her client was early.
    She turned, a greeting freezing on her lips.
    It wasn’t a client who had come for her.
    Excerpt from No Stone Unturned by Andrea Kane. Copyright 2019 by Andrea Kane. Reproduced with permission from Andrea Kane. All rights reserved.

    Author Bio:

    Andrea Kane
    Andrea Kane is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of thirty novels, including sixteen psychological thrillers and fourteen historical romantic suspense titles. With her signature style, Kane creates unforgettable characters and confronts them with life-threatening danger. As a master of suspense, she weaves them into exciting, carefully-researched stories, pushing them to the edge―and keeping her readers up all night.
    Kane’s first contemporary suspense thriller, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, became an instant New York Times bestseller. She followed with a string of bestselling psychological thrillers including NO WAY OUT, TWISTED and DRAWN IN BLOOD.
    Her latest in the highly successful Forensic Instincts series, NO STONE UNTURNED, showcases the dynamic, eclectic team of maverick investigators as they solve a seemingly impossible case while narrowly avoiding an enraged law enforcement frustrated over Forensic Instincts’ secretive and successful interference in a murder case. The first showcase of Forensic Instincts’ talents came with the New York Times bestseller, THE GIRL WHO DISAPPEARED TWICE, followed by THE LINE BETWEEN HERE AND GONE, THE STRANGER YOU KNOW, THE SILENCE THAT SPEAKS, THE MURDER THAT NEVER WAS, A FACE TO DIE FOR, and DEAD IN A WEEK.
    Kane’s beloved historical romantic suspense novels include MY HEART’S DESIRE, SAMANTHA, ECHOES IN THE MIST, and WISHES IN THE WIND.
    With a worldwide following of passionate readers, her books have been published in more than twenty languages. Kane lives in New Jersey with her husband and family. She’s an avid crossword puzzle solver and a diehard Yankees fan.

    Catch Up With Andrea Kane:, Goodreads, Twitter, & Facebook!

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    Sunday, March 29, 2020

    March Thoughts - I See You & You are NOT Alone!

    Usually the end of March is a very sad time for me. March 24th marks the anniversary of my dad passing away. I was still a teenager when cancer took him from me and even now, nearly 30 years later, the cut is deep and raw. This March I had such conflicted feelings about him being gone. Even before the cancer, my dad had a compromised immune system, a chronic cough, and he was never really well. I'd like to add that he never complained. As I watch my mom struggle with not being able to hug her grandchildren during the Wisconsin #SafterAtHome Covid-19 social distancing, I just think about how I would feel if my dad WAS still here.

    I am protective of my mother but she's overall healthy for her age. I could probably still go visit and bring the kids, but it's not worth the risk. I don't want her to get sick and I certainly don't want to be the one who caused the problem. I worry constantly about whether she is doing alright physically and emotionally. How would I feel if I could only see my dad on a video? How would I feel if he was having a health crisis and I couldn't be there to hold his hand or put lotion on his feet? For the first time in my life, I found myself thinking "I'm really glad he's not here to see this".

    My heart goes out to anyone and everyone struggling through this difficult time. I find myself wondering what life is going to look like on the other side of the pandemic. Will we appreciate one another more? Will we find it easier to be gracious? Those first few days, I'm sure we will be cautious - what if it's not really gone? What if that hug we've been longing to give could still be risky?

    I am incredibly thankful we live in the country and can still get outside to play; it makes it easier to keep the children from being anxious. I am incredibly thankful my children are all healthy and safe AND right here with me. As of right now, we are able to snuggle on the couch and watch a movie. We still have kisses and hugs. I am thankful for technology so we can see Grandma's face and hear her voice each and every day. I am thankful for food and a warm house.

    Even though I'm thankful for all these things, my heart breaks for my brothers and sisters who are struggling. Please know I see you. I see your forced smiles as you try to keep things as normal as possible. I hear the hitch in your voice when you assure people you are fine.

    Hang in there friends. Reach out if you need to. This is uncharted territory for everyone. Your feelings are your own and it's okay to be sad. It's okay to be frustrated. It's okay to have a hard time turning it off at night. You are not alone even though you may be isolated.

    Sending big virtual hugs. Remember to find the helpers. Remember to BE a helper.


    Sunday, March 8, 2020

    Book Review of "The Disharmony of Silence" by Linda Rosen - Part of the WOW! Women on Writing Book Blog Tour. Review by Carmen J. Otto

    Thank you WOW! Women on Writing and author Linda Rosen for including this blog stop as part of the book blog tour for The Disharmony of Silence !

    About the Book:
    In her desperate quest for family, Carolyn Lee is determined, against all advice, to reveal the shocking eighty-four-year-old secret she uncovered…until she realizes that "family" means more than blood.

    In 1915, jealous, bitter Rebecca Roth cuts all ties with her life-long friends, the Pearls. Eight years later, Rebecca’s son and young Lena Pearl begin keeping company in secret. Rebecca agrees to a truce when the couple marries. But the truce is fragile. Rebecca’s resentments run deep.

    In 2010, Carolyn Lee, fitness instructor and amateur photographer, must come to grips with the fact that her mother’s imminent death will leave her alone in the world. While preparing her childhood home for sale, she realizes for the first time that her mother’s antique brooch is identical to the one pinned to the lady's dress in the painting hanging above the fireplace. Coincidence or connection? Carolyn is determined to find out. What she discovers has the potential to tear lives apart or to bring her the closeness and comfort she longs for. It all depends on how she handles her newfound knowledge.

    Print Length: 296 pages
    Genre: Women's Upmarket Fiction
    Publisher: Black Rose Writing
    ISBN-10: 1684334306
    ISBN-13: 9781684334308

    ***** 5 STAR REVIEW *****
    Review by Carmen Jeanne Otto

    My favorite part of the book The Disharmony of Silence was the love an acceptance between Kate and Carolyn. I could really relate with some of the struggles of being lonely and fitting in (as most kids my age feel this way at one time or another). Watching the story unfold and the relationship between the characters strengthen was heartwarming. Similarly, the most difficult part of the book was the internal struggle faced by Carolyn. I felt very close to the characters and when they experienced joy I felt that right along with them, but that also made me feel anxious when they were faced with difficult decisions and internal struggles.

    I felt like I was right there with Carolyn and Kate and their families - Linda Rosin did an exceptional job of drawing me in as a reader. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and even passed it along to my friend Natalie to read so we could discuss it together. I would recommend The Disharmony of Silence to others and it definitely deserves 5 Stars!

    **If you go to school with Carmen, she will be donating her copy of The Disharmony of Silence to the school library so you can enjoy it as well. If you would like a copy in your library, please ask your librarian how to go about getting a copy!

    About Today's Guest Reviewer, Carmen Otto:

    Carmen is a nearly 13 year old from a small Wisconsin town where she lives with her family. Carmen spends her days in school and evenings on her family's dairy farm where she milks cows alongside her father and grandfather. She enjoys swim team, reading books, and playing with her many siblings. When Carmen grows up, she plans to become a large animal veterinarian where she can help farmers with their cattle but also work with horses. Carmen's family recently added 2 horses to the many animals on their farm and she loves spending time caring for Joker and Darlin'!

    Tomorrow is Carmen's birthday - if you see her please wish her a happy birthday!

    The Disharmony of Silence is now available to purchase at, Barnes and Noble, and IndieBound.

    Praise for The Disharmony of Silence

    “Linda Rosen spins an intriguing tale of long-held family secrets, an emotional search for identity, and a painting that may just be the key to untangling the complicated past. The bittersweet mystery kept me reading rapidly until the last page!” —Kristin Harmel, bestselling author of The Winemaker’s Wife

    Rosen paints a vivid picture of a family torn apart then shows us what true family means. – Pamela Taylor, author of the Second Son Chronicles

    A wonderful novelist . . . Ms. Rosen's writing is both tender and inspiring. The Disharmony of Silence unfolds with emotional and wise insights. – Bunny Shulman, author of After Aida

    "A family torn apart by jealousy and reunited by love is devastated again when tragedy strikes. A poignant and moving debut novel about the fragility of life, the power of love, and the cost of keeping a secret." Gina Sorell author of Mothers and Other Strangers

    About the Author, Linda Rosen

    Linda Rosen, fitness professional turned writer, lives with her husband splitting their time between New Jersey and Florida. She was a contributor to Women in the Literary Landscape: A WNBA Centennial Publication for the Women's National Book Association and has had stories published in Foliate Oak and Crack the Spine, both in their online magazine and print anthology. Follow her at

    Connect with her online:
    Twitter @lrosenauthor
    Facebook: @lindarosenauthor
    Insta: @lindarosenauthor

    --- Blog Tour Dates

    March 2nd @ The Muffin
    What goes better in the morning than a muffin? Grab your coffee and join us as we celebrate the launch of Linda's blog tour The Disharmony of Silence. Read an interview with the author and enter to win a copy of the book too!

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    How much does setting matter in a novel? Author Linda Rosen talks about this very subject over at Caroline's blog today. You can also enter to win a copy of her book The Disharmony of Silence.

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    March 8th - TODAY @ Bring on Lemons
    Visit Crystal's blog today and you can read a review written by her daughter Carmen about Linda Rosen's book The Disharmony of Silence. Don't miss it!

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    Blogger Deirdra Eden spotlights Linda Rosen's book The Disharmony of Silence.

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    Stop by Nicole's blog today and you can read a fitness inspiring post by author Linda Rosen! She shares some tips about strength training while reading audiobooks. You can also enter to win a copy of Linda's book The Disharmony of Silence.

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    Make sure you stop by Madeline Sharples' blog today and read Linda Rosen's blog post about inspiring your creative self by getting outdoors. Don't miss it!

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    Visit Lisa's blog where she interviews author Linda Rosen about her book The Disharmony of Silence.

    March 17th @ Coffee with Lacey
    Grab some coffee and join Lacey over at her blog today. She reviews Linda Rosen's book The Disharmony of Silence.

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    Visit Anthony's blog again today and read his review of Linda Rosen's book The Disharmony of Silence. Don't miss it!

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    Make sure you visit author AJ Sefton's blog today and read a review of Linda Rosen's book The Disharmony of Silence.

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    Looking for a new book to add to your reading list? Make sure you visit Bev's blog today and read her review of The Disharmony of Silence. You'll want to add it to your list!

    March 21st @ Bookworm Blog
    Visit Anjanette's blog today and you can read her review of Linda Rosen's book The Disharmony of Silence.

    March 22nd @ 12 Books
    Are you part of a book club? Author Linda Rosen shares fun activities you can do for your book club. Don't miss this fun, inspiring post!

    March 23rd @ Cassandra's Writing World
    Make sure you visit Cassandra's blog today and read her review of Linda Rosen's book The Disharmony of Silence.

    March 25th @ Beverley A. Baird's Blog
    What do you do if you are writing about a made-up setting? Make sure you visit Bev's blog today and you can read Linda Rosen's guest post where she shares her advice.

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    Monday, February 3, 2020

    WOW! Women on Writing Book Blog Tour - "Silver Spoons; One's Journey Through Addiction" by Sarah Dickinson - 4.5 star book review by Crystal J. Casavant-Otto

    First and Foremost - thank you to WOW! Women on Writing for bringing this reading/reviewing opportunity to readers here at Bring on Lemons! We love you WOW!

    Silver Spoons: One's Journey Through Addiction takes an intimate and raw look at the current face of addiction and recovery. Talking about the current opioid epidemic, we follow a young couple while one of them goes through the recovery process. Told through letters, we get an understanding of their relationship as it struggles through his addiction and resulting recovery. From detox, rehab, sober living and the 12 steps of AA, you get a raw and honest look at the effects of addiction and how they affect relationships.

    AUTHOR NOTE: There is explicit and graphic content.

    Print Length: 380 Pages
    Genre: Women's Fiction
    Publisher: Independently Published
    ISBN-13: 978-1717868947
    ISBN-10: 1717868940

    Silver Spoons: One's Journey Through Addiction is now available to purchase at

    Book Giveaway Contest

    To win a copy of the book Silver Spoons: One's Journey Through Addiction by Sarah Dickinson, please leave a comment on this post and on February 14th a winner will be chosen - Good Luck!

    About the Author

    Sarah Dickinson is a lifelong resident in beautiful upstate New York. Mother of two amazing daughters and three equally awesome rescue dogs, she is the author of Silver Spoons: One's Journey Through Addiction. She currently attends college and is in the midst of switching careers. When she isn't doing it all, she reads comic books, blogs, and takes weekend getaways.

    You can find the author online at:





    Goodreads Page:

    ---  Review by Crystal J. Casavant-Otto

    Congratulations Sarah on publishing a book on this difficult topic - Silver Spoons is a unique book and I really enjoyed the new perspective I gained by reading this journey through addiction. When the description says this book takes a raw look into recovery - it's very accurate. I have no personal experience as an addict or having a loved one with addiction (thankfully) and this was an eye opener to say the least. Silver Spoons made me uncomfortable and some points were quite terrifying - reading this book opened up an unfamiliar world.

    There's a few points I look for when reading and reviewing and here's how I came up with my 4.5 Star rating (1+1+.75+1+.75 = 4.5)

    (1 of 1) Readability - Silver Spoons was a quick read and was written in letters and reminded me of reading someone's journal. It felt like a very personal look into the lives of strangers who became friends. I didn't want to put it down until I had devoured each word.

    (1 of 1) Style - The style was a little different but I got into it. This book may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I found it to be enjoyable.

    (.75 of 1) Interest - This topic was definitely interesting and the book kept my interest cover to cover.

    (1 of 1) Editing - Silver Spoons is a well edited read - nice job to the author and editors!

    (.75 of 1) Relationships - I felt like I got to know the character and feel his struggle; most of the time this meant getting out of my comfort zone, but the author did a good job of making the character feel real and personal.

    I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn more about the struggles of addiction. Thank you again WOW! for the opportunity to enjoy another great book by a new author! 

    --- Upcoming Blog Tour Dates

    February 3rd @ Jill Sheets' Blog
    Visit Jill's blog today and read Sarah Dickinson's guest post about 5 reasons to consider a change in your relationships.

    February 4th @ Coffee with Lacey
    Join Lacey over at her blog today and read her review of Sarah Dickinson's book Silver Spoons: One's Journey Through Addiction.

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    Visit Anthony's blog again where you can read a guest post by author Sarah Dickinson. Make sure you check out her easy self-care tips to add to your daily routine.

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    February 16th @ And So She Thinks
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    February 18th @ Choices
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    February 19th @ It's Alanna Jean
    Make sure you visit Alanna's blog and read a guest post by Sarah Dickinson called, "5 Reasons to Consider a Change in Career."

    February 20th @ The Frugalista Mom
    Visit Rozelyn's blog today and you can read her review of the book Silver Spoons: One's Journey Through Addiction by Sarah Dickinson. Also, win a copy for yourself too!

    February 21st @ The  Frugalista Mom
    Stop by Rozelyn's blog today and you can read Sarah Dickinson's guest post about how to raise a confident (but not arrogant) child.

    February 23rd @ Author Anthony Avina Blog
    Stop by Anthony's blog and you can read his review of Sarah Dickinson's book Silver Spoons: One's Journey Through Addiction.

    February 24th @ Armed with a Book
    Visit Kriti's blog today and read her review of Sarah Dickinson's book Silver Spoons: One's Journey Through Addiction.

    February 25th @ Armed with a Book
    Make sure you visit Kriti's blog again when she interviews the author Sarah Dickinson.

    About Today's Reviewer:

    Crystal is the office manager, council secretary, financial secretary, and musician at her church, birth mother, Auntie, babywearing mama, business owner, active journaler, writer and blogger, Blog Tour Manager with WOW! Women on Writing, Press Corp teammate for the DairyGirl Network, Unicorn Mom Ambassador, as well as a dairy farmer. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband and their five youngest children, two dogs, four little piggies, a handful of cats and kittens, horses Darlin' and Joker, and over 250 Holsteins.

    You can find Crystal milking cows, riding horses, and riding unicorns (not at the same time), taking the ordinary and giving it a little extra (making it extraordinary), blogging and reviewing books here, and at WOW! Women on Writing's Muffin Blog - Crystal is dedicated to turning life's lemons into lemonade and she has never (not once) been accused of being normal!