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Saturday, September 7, 2019

Now Booking Two Great Book Blog Tours for WOW! Women on Writing

School is back in session and the temperatures here in Wisconsin are dropping - but don't worry... I have exciting new books and blog tours to keep me warm! WOW! Women on Writing is helping promote more wonderful books and we would love to include YOU in these tours! I have the PDF versions and can provide them right away if you'd like to get reading - you won't want to wait!

Please contact me today to reserve your copy or copies and participate in one or both of these tours. If you've never participated in a tour, feel free to inquire and I'll be happy to explain how it works - you don't even have to have your own blog!

Send an email today to participate - email address: or

Be sure to include the following:

* The email address you'd like your ebook(s) sent to - or mailing address, but we have a limited number of physical copies.

*The name and url for your blog, or a note letting me know you do not have a blog

*A date you would prefer as your first choice, as well as a 2nd choice - this will be the date your review will be posted to your blog/this blog and social media. (the tours run as follows: Welcome to Maravilla runs 10/14-11/15 and Made to be Broken runs 11/4-12/5)

Including posting to a blog, it would be fabulous if you could post your review on Amazon/Goodreads as well as your own social media. This is greatly appreciated although not mandatory to participate in a book blog tour.

As soon as all the dates have been filled for the tours, and a calendar has been put together, I'll email a media kit to everyone involved. This kit will include the author pictures and bios as well the book cover and official summary and buy links for Welcome to Maravilla and Made to be Broken. This email will also include the calendar for the tours and should be able to answer most (if not all) the questions you may have concerning tour participation.

If you are an interview only blogger, please email with your interview questions as well as the dates preferred.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration in this and all matters.


Welcome to Maravilla
By, R. Douglas Clark

Tour Begins October 14th 2019


Made to be Broken
By, Hugh Fritz

Tour Begins November 4th 2019

About Welcome to Maravilla
"The tiny hamlet of Maravilla, New Mexico is not immune to modern-day problems. But the citizens of Maravilla have their own special problems, as well:

A developer wants to build a Christian-themed amusement park next to Maravilla’s historic church.

The county line runs right through the town, splitting it in two.

And the government is threatening to close their post office!

Into this muddle steps Jake Epstein, a young writer from the big city. Jake is seeking peace and quiet to finish his current project: a science fiction story in which adventuress Tai-Keiko must deliver the secret formula for Zeton-9—with the evil Krossarians in hot pursuit.

But then reality and science fiction converge—and Tai-Keiko finds herself in present-day Maravilla, face to face with a gobsmacked Jake.

Join Jake on this comic run along the dusty roads of Maravilla, and find out who won the fight between Father Ignatius and the heathen pig farmer. How a basketball game changed the fate of the town. And was that white flash in the sky a UFO? "

About R. Douglas Clark:
R. Douglas Clark was born in Vermont, grew up in Colorado, attended college in Chicago, and
received a Master's degree in music from Brown University. Seeing no future for himself in academia, he spent a year in the Oregon woods, living in a primitive cabin, writing music reviews and cultural commentary for magazines and newspapers. Next stop, Eugene, Oregon where he spent 20 damp years as a bootstrap businessman, father and musician. On a vacation trip, he and his wife, Shelley, fell in love with sunny northern New Mexico and subsequently moved there. After four years running Boys and Girls Clubs in Chimayó and Abiquiú--and another four, running a U-pick raspberry farm--he retired to write fiction full time.

• Print Length: 170 pages
• Publisher: Beeline Press (July 31, 2019)
• Publication Date: July 31, 2019

Amazon Link:

Goodreads Link:

About Made to be Broken
Flarence knows that Genies are supposed to help their masters by granting wishes, but he’s never been comfortable taking orders. To him, pummeling bad guys with magically enhanced weaponry feels like a much better way to use his powers.Darren is a gangster who wants to leave his reckless life behind so he can focus on providing for his family. Unfortunately, there are people in the neighborhood who won’t let him move on.Soleil is a humble man who tries to lead a passive lifestyle. In times of peace or times of war, he can be found cleaning his cafe or singing along with rock-’n’-roll tunes while tending to his houseplants.Darren, Soleil, and Flarence will have to work together and step outside their comfort zones when a rogue Genie and a hot-headed police officer threaten the lives of their loved ones. Flarence will be challenged to work with a criminal, Soleil will be forced to leave his sanctuary and act to help his friends, and Darren will face the possibility that being a gentle and caring family man may not be an option for him.

About Hugh Fritz:

Find out more about Hugh at his great website:

• Print Length: 264 pages
• Publisher: Golden Word Books (May 5, 2019)
• Publication Date: May 5, 2019
• ISBN-10: 1 948749432

Amazon Link:

Goodreads Link: