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Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Greatest Gift


This post began as part of the Lillebaby Love Letters Application I was encouraged to write by a friend. It's turning into such a great moment of reflection. Thank you as always Lillebaby for helping me love my current role just a wee bit more! xoxox

When it comes to gifts, my husband has given me the greatest one of all. He has blessed me with 2 amazing children, adopted my 2 older children, AND allowed me to be a stay at home mom. He goes above and beyond when it comes to appreciating my special role and he thanks me for all that I do. I’m a big advocate for attachment parenting, breastfeeding, babywearing, and my husband refers to me as the “Crunchy Mama” but he’s behind me 110% and isn’t afraid to change a diaper, puree up some baby food, turn the garden under so we can plant even more yummy foods next year, and yes…he even babywears. He’s the dad babywearing at home as well as at the county fair. He can tell you the different between a woven wrap and a soft structured carrier and he was excited when I decided to start a local babywearing group (I think he just liked the idea of left over cookies after the meetings). I could tell you that my greatest gift is my children, but the even greater gift is having a loving supportive husband who has given me the gift of time so I can enjoy our children, nurture them, watch them grow, and be the primary person in their world during these critical first years!

Here we are (below) wearing our Lillebaby Dream Forest carrier! Photo Credit: Oh! Photography

Thursday, October 22, 2015

New Lactation Cookie Recipe

I've been getting plenty of messages on social media as well as emails concerning supply problems for my lactating friends. It seems toughest when moms go back to work and they have to pump. These cookies should be full of all the good stuff...hopefully they'll help:

1C European Butter (regular butter should be fine)
1C Raw Organic Sugar (regular sugar should be fine)
1C Dark Brown Sugar
4T Water
2T Flax Seed Meal
2 Free Range Organic Eggs (regular eggs should be fine)
1t Vanilla (who am I kidding....use a bunch!)
1C Whole Wheat Flour (regular flour should be fine)
1C Whole Oat Flour **this one I wouldn't substitute since oats are good for milk production
1t Baking Soda
1t Salt
3C Old Fashioned Oats **they have more of the good stuff than the quick oats
1C Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips
1C coconut flakes
1/2C walnut pieces

Melt butter and add flax - let sit 5 minutes. Combine other ingredients and mix well.

Roll into balls on a cookie sheet lined with parchment. Flatten a bit if you like larger cookies.

Bake 9 minutes at 350 and enjoy!

*****If you make these, please leave a comment and let us know how they worked for you?


Monday, October 19, 2015

2015 Lillebaby LilleInTheCity/Lille on the Lakeshore in Two Rivers, WI

September 19, 2015 marked the first ever of what I hope is an annual event. The 2015 LilleInTheCity/Lille on the Lakeshore was held at the Lighthouse Inn in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.

This is how the event was described on the Facebook invite:

Disclaimer: I am not an official Líllébaby Ambassador.(but I love my LIllebaby immensely) ~Crystal

Lillebaby is an awesome 6 position baby carrier. Do you already love Líllébaby & want to meet other LILLE Lovers as well as giving other parents/friends a chance to learn about this brand of baby carrier. Even if you aren't into babywearing, come hang out!!! This should be a fun opportunity to meet some awesome people!

Ethnic Fest will be going on just a few blocks away, so stop in at the Lighthouse Inn Lounge at 11am and let's get to know one another!!! Complimentary refreshments & a healthy snack will be provided. We will have several gift baskets to be raffled off at noon - MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN. Stay tuned for more about each of our generous sponsors!!!

The first 15 people who signed up will have a special treat bag waiting for them (must be present to receive). Just for attending the event, you'll receive a ticket to use toward the gift baskets. Additional tickets will be for sale $1 each, 6 for $5 or 13 for $10.

Thank you again to our generous sponsors!!!

And here is the scoop about those sponsors:

Back Buddy by Moms Essentials
Bamboobies (bag stuffer & raffle prize)
Bolder Bands (Bolder Band giveaways)
Boobie Bars (bag stuffer & raffle prize)
Contemporary Energy Solutions (raffle prize)
Cravings/Kristy's Cakes (Raffle prize)
DoTerra Oils (Meaghan) (Raffle Gift Basket)
Family Home Creations (Raffle prize)
Green BayBeez (Raffle prize - Chimparoo MaiTai)
Happy by Tessa Rathsack (bag stuffer discount coupons)
Itzy Ritzy (bag stuffers discount code)
Kindermusik/Take Note Studio (Bag stuffers)
LaDe Da Books (Raffle Basket)
Lee's Never Inn (Raffle Basket)
Manitowoc Pet Sitters (Raffle Basket)
MaryKay ( (Raffle Basket)
Merci Naturel (bag stuffer & raffle prize)
MotherLove (bag stuffer & raffle prize)
Norwex (Sara Lynn)
Oragami Owl (Kathy) (Raffle Basket)
Perfectly Posh (Cindi)
Sacred Door - (Certified Sacred Pregnancy Instructor and Mother Roaster Postpartum Doula) (bag stuffers)
Seeds N Beans (Cathy) (Raffle Basket)
SweetPea Boutique (carrier seller) (Raffle Basket Gift Certificate )
Thirty One Gifts by Kendra Melton Hirsch (bag stuffer coupons & gift certificate for raffle basket)
Tupperware (Tricia Farley) (bag stuffers)
Who's Sew Cute (carrier accessories) (bag stuffer discount codes)
Working Man's Friend (bag stuffer discount coupons)
We will have several gift baskets to raffle off, so there's a great chance you'll be a winner (and of course, you're a winner anyway because you're wonderful!)

We had 33 adults in attendance (and that doesn't count the numerous folks that volunteered their time to help out) and most of us had more than one little person with we may have to find a bigger space next year.

And now - to really SEE how much fun we had, please check out these great pictures by Tess Fallier or Tess Fallier Photography: