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Thursday, May 14, 2015

WOW! Women on Writing Book Blog Tour for Ava Louise's Intergalactic Matchmaking Services Series (Review & Giveaway)

Thank you for joining us today for another great book blog tour brought to you by WOW! Women on Writing!!!

Review(s) by guest blogger Cathy Kirby Contino

Maggie’s Story (Intergalactic Matchmaking Services Book 1)
Maggie was the only witness to a convenience store clerk being shot and killed. The police act like they are too busy to care about her safety. The gang is harassing her.
This made me think, would I be willing to take the chance on meeting with an alien man if I had no family? The description certainly sounds intriguing: light-blue and green skin, stylized flames tattooed to the back and sides of his head. His eyes were a dark blue, allowing Maggie to notice that his pupils were vertical, like a cat’s . The effect was quite startling. Of course I am partial to blues and greens.
Healing gel sounds great, of course aliens would have better medical advances than humans. So
Maggie gets a broken arm and this healing gel makes it all better in 15 minutes wouldn’t that be great?
I did like the description of Maggie and Daxon’s budding relationship and how they were starting to get to know one another. Daxon sounded like a very nice person/ alien.
I liked that the sex scenes were not detailed, it’s not that kind of book.

Shirley’s Story (Intergalactic Matchmaking Services Book 2)
I connected with Shirley on a personal level due to having a small bit of abuse in a past relationship. It got physical one time but mostly it was emotional. I admire her strength. She had an ex-boyfriend who just got out of jail and started coming by harassing her. He said it was her fault she was in jail. Too stupid to know it was his violence towards her 5 years ago that sent him to jail.
Quote from the book: “My Grandpa once told me that his scars were like a badge of courage for him. He knew it was okay to be scared, even when trying to be strong. The scars meant he was a survivor. “ I liked the interaction between Shirley and her new mate Mathenzo, he was so concerned over a scar he had and thought no one would be interested in him. The aliens are physically similar to humans but come in colors, blues and greens and such. The US government keeps their existence a secret but the matchmaking service story line is cute. It’s all about continuing the Nordonian race because their females have been wiped out.

Penny’s Story (Intergalactic Matchmaking Services Book 3)
I read the first two books and in each book we meet characters from the previous books. I like that there is that continuation. These books are an easy read. Claire is the contact person at the matchmaker service. She is the one who creates the fliers and tries to find candidates to sign up to meet the eligible mates. Claire is falling for one of the aliens herself and she reveals that she once had a sister who died ten years ago. That sister’s name was Penny. I don’t want to reveal too much but this book I feel was even better than the first two.

And if I had to say something about all three books as a series, I would simply say: they were all enjoyable, easy reads and the characters stayed in my head for days.

About today’s guest blogger, Cathy Kirby Contino:
Cathy was born in 1952 and was the oldest child. Cathy and her two siblings grew up in a blue collar neighborhood. Her father worked in a tire and rubber factory and mostly he
walked to work. Kathy recalls it being a simple time and remembers money being tight. In 4th grade Cathy started wearing glasses; the stigma and teasing surrounding that time in her life resulted in her becoming quiet and shy. She eventually retreated into books and would go to
the library and get as many books as was allowed. Cathy still gets lost in books and enjoys reading a variety of authors and genres.

The Intergalactic Matchmaking Services series begins with Maggie’s Story, Ava Louise’s debut novel. In the series, you’ll meet characters that play a role in all of the books of the series, but this cozy Sci-Fi with romance is easily read as a series, or each book as a standalone. The characters are full-fledged and lovable!

“Maggie’s Story” -- Women Wanted: Must have a sense of adventure and be open to new experiences. Must also be willing to relocate. Please contact...Intergalactic Matchmaking Services.

Maggie Cline decides to investigate her romantic possibilities after she becomes a target when she identifies the shooter in a local murder.

Can she find a soul mate away from everything she knows and has worked hard for here on Earth? What about her loyal companion? Will she have to give up her cat, Mamzell, for a chance at love?

Genre: Science Fiction, Romance
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services (January 27, 2014)

“Shirley’s Story” -- Just as Shirley decides to try opening herself up to a chance at love, a stalker from her past returns. How does she move forward when her past comes knocking? What's going on with her young student, Hannah? Will her dog, Oreo, be okay with Shirley looking for love?
Genre: Science Fiction, Romance
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services (March 4, 2014)

“Penny’s Story” -- Penny was supposed to be dead. At least that is what Claire has believed for ten years. Find out what happens when Claire's sister comes out of the Witness Protection Program. Penny is fighting a losing battle with cancer and needs Claire to raise Sunny, Penny's newborn daughter, once the cancer takes its final toll. Why is Penny's ex-boyfriend, Jason, telling his cronies that Penny has money and information about their illegal dealings? How does the cartel find out she has even left the Witness Protection Program? 

Genre: Women’s Fiction
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services (November 30, 2014)

Will Marko have to watch as another woman he cares for dies a horrible death? Will he lose his job as Medical Officer on the starship for bending the rules?
 Can Pacer finally have the peaceful retirement he desires? How will Claire deal with her quiet life being turned upside down? Catch up with Maggie and Daxon, along with Shirley and Mathenzo.

All of the
Intergalactic Matchmaking Services books are available as an e-book on  Amazon

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About the Author:

Ava Louise was born a U.S. Army brat overseas, in France. She is the proud mom of two wonderful young men. It's taken her a while to figure out what she wanted to be "when she grows up," but Ava has finally found her niche in the writing world. Since writing came to her later in life, she likes to think she is living proof that it's never too late to reach for a dream or to achieve it. Before writing her own stories, she usually reads from a wide array of genres. She loves Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Mysteries, Thrillers, and Young Adult.

Ava Louise can be found online at:

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