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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Carmen Otto Reviews "A Lily in the Light" by Kristin Fields; and says "I couldn't put it down"

A harrowing debut novel of a tragic disappearance and one sister’s journey through the trauma that has shaped her life.

For eleven-year-old Esme, ballet is everything—until her four-year-old sister, Lily, vanishes without a trace and nothing is certain anymore. People Esme has known her whole life suddenly become suspects, each new one hitting closer to home than the last.

Unable to cope, Esme escapes the nightmare that is her new reality when she receives an invitation to join an elite ballet academy in San Francisco. Desperate to leave behind her chaotic, broken family and the mystery surrounding Lily’s disappearance, Esme accepts.

Eight years later, Esme is up for her big break: her first principal role in Paris. But a call from her older sister shatters the protective world she has built for herself, forcing her to revisit the tragedy she’s run from for so long. Will her family finally have the answers they’ve been waiting for? And can Esme confront the pain that shaped her childhood, or will the darkness follow her into the spotlight?

Print Length: 280 pages
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing (April 1, 2019)
Publication Date: April 1, 2019
Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #13,940
#194 in Sisters Fiction
#274 in Contemporary Literary Fiction
#222 in Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Literary Fiction

A Lily in the Light is now available to purchase on, Barnes and Noble, and IndieBound.

About the Author
Kristin Fields grew up in Queens, which she likes to think of as a small town next to a big city. Kristin studied writing at Hofstra University, where she was awarded the Eugene Schneider Award for Short Fiction. After college, Kristin found herself working on a historic farm, as a high school English teacher, designing museum education programs, and is currently leading an initiative to bring gardens to New York City public schools. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband.
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***** 5 STAR REVIEW *****
Review by Carmen Jeanne Otto

My favorite part of A Lily in the Light was really more of the theme of the book than a particular moment in time - Esme kept going on with her life even after the tragedy of losing someone she loved. Her resilience was inspiring throughout the story and I felt she showed strength of character especially when she was afraid.

I would give A Lily in the Light a 5 Star rating because of how detailed the author made each scene in the story. Kristin Fields had me fully experiencing the ups and downs of Esme's life and experiences. I felt I was right there with her. The writing style makes me want to read more books by this author.

My least favorite part of the book was the family struggle. It was difficult as a reader to watch everything fall apart and not be able to do anything to fix the situation. I felt much as I assume Esme felt - completely helpless and frustrated. I became attached to the characters and couldn't put A Lily in the Light down. I cried when Lily's family cried and laughed when they laughed. I really would love a follow up book so I can follow their journey.

This is an exceptional book and has become one of my favorites - 5 Stars for Kristin Fields and A Lily in the Light !!

**If you go to school with Carmen, she will be donating her copy of A Lily in the Light to the school library so you can enjoy it as well. If you would like a copy in your library, please ask your librarian how to go about getting a copy!

About Today's Guest Reviewer, Carmen Otto:

Carmen is a 12 year old from a small Wisconsin town where she lives with her family. Carmen spends her days in school and evenings on her family's dairy farm where she milks cows alongside her father and grandfather. She enjoys swim team, reading books, and playing with her many siblings. When Carmen grows up, she plans to become a large animal veterinarian where she can help farmers with their cattle but also work with horses. Carmen's family recently added 2 horses to the many animals on their farm and she loves spending time caring for Joker and Darlin'!