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Monday, December 31, 2012

Guest Blogger - Sarah Eiden's Article: "New Plans For Your New Year - Reviewing Your Business and Setting Goals"

New Plans For Your New Year - Reviewing Your Business and Setting Goals

For many who work from home, the fall/holiday season is when their biggest sales are made. You'll be busy servicing customers... but after the holidays bustle, take some time for a work from home retreat.
As the new year approaches, it is a great time to re-evaluate your business plans. Taking time now to look at your home business and set goals can help your business blossom in the coming year.
Ask yourself -
- Why are you in business?
- What is actually making you money? DO MORE of it!
- What is going well in your business?
- What needs change?
- What level of success do you want to accomplish?
- What baby steps will you take to get there?
- Are there "time wasters" that are eating into the time you can be focusing on making money?
Please do not just read through these questions and do the "yeah, yeah". You are investing in yourself. Take the time to write down your answers.
Write down your New Year's Goals.
Give yourself & business the gift of time (how ever much you are able to take). Depending on your situation, maybe your business review will be time during a child's nap. Perhaps your children are in school and you have the day. Whatever your situation, take the time to get business-focused.
Other ideas for your Work at home Retreat:
- take that long needed bath or nap
- find a cozy place to write out the answers to business focus plans and goals
- choose one book that will help you take steps in your business and read it.
- sip away on your favorite beverage.
- take yourself out to lunch at your favorite coffee shop or bistro. Where appropriate, bring product samples, you never know who you might bump in to.
Take time for you.
Take time for your business.
Set your goals & ring in the New Year!
Sarah teaches others how to start and grow their own home-based candle business. []

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