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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Guest Blogger, Carmen Casavant

Carmen Casavant, Today's Guest Blogger
Today's Guest Blogger is my daughter, Carmen Casavant. She knew that her picture was featured in my recent blog for WOW! Women on Writing, and I read her the blog. Her response was "so that's why you always ask me about my dreams" and we immediately started talking about our journals. Her journal is a little different than mine, because she is in kindergarten and is just learning how to write. Her journal contains lots of words, a few sentences, and lots and lots of pictures. This is how she journals (for now). 

I told her that we should feature some of her pictures and stories on my blog, and she thought that would be a great idea. So here, is what she came up with from last night's dream. Enjoy!


Saving the Princess

There was a big green dragon. Dragons aren't real, but sometimes I dream about them. The dragon took the princess. My mom was the princess. I had a big long sword and I climbed a mountain. The princess was with the dragon on top of the mountain. I saved the princess and killed the dragon. The End

About Today's Guest Blogger:
 Carmen enjoys reading and writing as well as singing. 
She likes to make up her own stories and songs. 

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