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Monday, November 25, 2013

Product Review - SunCups ** Gluten Free / Nut Free Treats!!

I was approached a few weeks ago about trying and reviewing a new to me product with chocolate as a main ingredient. Of course I accepted the challenge with a great big smile on my face. Sun Cups are made in Colorado, the ingredients are certified organic, and their scrumptious treats are nut and gluten free. I'll be
Delicious Sun Cups
honest, I was expecting them to taste terrible. We were pleasantly surprised - and it wasn't just me ... my husband loved them (the dark chocolate in particular as he said it complimented the sunflower butter quite well), the children tried a bite of each and used words like scrumptious and delicious to describe the flavor. The texture was smooth and creamy and the flavor delightful - hard to believe these could be nut and gluten free, but they are!
Visit Sun Cups to place your order and try these for yourselves - you will NOT be disappointed!

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