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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Otters By Carmen Otto

Picture by Carmen J. Otto

How would it feel like if you could stay under water for 8 or 10 minutes? All Otters grow to be 6 feet tall. Otter’s fur is usually black, brown, or white. Otters can weigh 44-82 pounds.

Otters like to wrestle with other Otters. The Otter is one of the most playful animals on earth. Otters live in North America. Some live in South America, some live in Asia, and some live in Africa. They live in rivers and on the coasts of the Pacific Ocean.

Otters are carnivores. This means they eat meat. Otters always hunt alone. Mostly they catch water animals. Fish are their favorite but they also like crayfish, frogs, and bugs. They like to hunt on land for little mammals like birds.

Did you know Otters were mammals? I know I didn’t know that! The main groups of Otters are river Otters, sea Otters, and giant Otters! There are all kinds of Otters! I learned a lot about Otters. Otters are interesting animals!

Photo Courtesy of Olivia Brey & Oh! Photography
Carmen Jeanne Otto  just turned eight years old and lives on a dairy farm. She has over 200 animals on her farm. Carmen enjoys playing piano, swimming, baseball, gardening, and baking (as well as of course, reading, writing, and drawing). She has three siblings in her house: Andre (7), Breccan (1), and Delphine (4 months). Her parents are Mark and Crystal Otto. Carmen helps her mom with book and product reviews and you can find her blogging at Bring On Lemons as well as WOW! Women on Writing where her recent feature was a book review for Margo Dill's "Finding My Place".

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