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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

What's With Kefir?

Anyone who has recently visited our home has been asked "would you like some kefir?" and most have been open to trying the delicious beverage. For years and years we have been taking probiotic supplements (yes, the entire family), and I swear by them. Between probiotics, breast milk, and duct tape, I'm quite close to taking over the world...insert evil laugh...

But seriously...

My journey to kefir started when a friend showed me how to make yogurt. Once I perfected making yogurt at home, I decided to look into the world of kefir. It took quite some time to hunt down some kefir grains. Unfortunately, none of my local shops carried the little I ordered off Amazon and after a few day "activation" period, I was ready to rock and roll. We are now consistently turning out 4 cups of kefir each day. Believe it or not, we are going through just as much just as quickly.

Our children (even the youngest who isn't quite a year) love the cold, sweet, deliciousness and I just sit back and smile because I know about all the benefits. Kefir really packs a punch when it comes to probiotics, healthy fats, calcium, and protein. I no longer need to buy probiotic supplements and I know my family is still receiving the health benefits of great digestion. I am NOT an expert, so please investigate probiotics and kefir for yourself and then YOU decide what is best for your family.

If you start making kefir, here are a few of our favorite recipes:

Add to 4 C of plain kefir:

1.5 C blueberries & add honey to desired sweetness

1 C strawberries & 1 C bananas, then add honey to desired sweetness

1.5 C door county cherries (the tart ones), then add honey to desired sweetness...or if you're my son, add a little chocolate powder and call it chocolate covered cherry smoothie!

1 T vanilla & honey to desired sweetness


Next time you're in the neighborhood, stop in and enjoy a glass with us - we would love to sit and chat with you!

May your paths be abundantly filled with lemons, sugar, sunshine, and large pitchers of delicious and healthy goodness to share with those you love!

Crystal is a church musician, babywearing mama (aka crunchy mama), business owner, active journaler, writer and blogger, Blog Tour Manager with WOW! Women on Writing, Publicist with Dream of Things Publishing, as well as a dairy farmer. She lives in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin with her husband, four young children (Carmen 8, Andre 7, Breccan 2, and Delphine 11 months), two dogs, two rabbits, four little piggies, a handful of cats and kittens, and over 230 Holsteins.

You can find Crystal riding unicorns, blogging and reviewing books, baby carriers, cloth diapers, and all sorts of other stuff at: and here:

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