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Thursday, September 8, 2016

How Do You Do a Video Review on Amazon?

You've asked and here I am answering! (the first thing you should know is you cannot upload a video using the mobile Amazon version - or if you can, I haven't figured out how)

1) I write my product review on Amazon and then before submitting it, I copy and paste the entire review into Facebook with the privacy set to "only me" (this you CAN do from your mobile device if you prefer)

2) I click submit on the review for Amazon and wait for the Gods of Amazon to do their thing and approve my review

3) I go to Facebook and edit the post I just made. I add the product link to my Facebook post and then I change the privacy settings from private to public or friends (whatever you're comfortable with - depending on the product)

4) I record my video portion of the review - using my iphone 6SPlus.

5) I copy the Facebook post and then I post the video from my phone onto my youtube channel and paste the FB post information into the description. It usually takes less than 5 minutes for the video to upload to my youtube channel and then my screen shows "share with friends" as an option and I copy that link

6) I paste the Youtube video link as a comment on my Facebook post so I can get back to it when I want to

7) Now I go to my desktop PC (if you aren't there already).  I open this link and scroll down to bullet 2 then paste in my youtube video link and click the "download video" button

8) This opens a new browser tab that takes a bit to load (less than 2 minutes) - once you see the preview of your video, click the "download" button

9) The video will begin downloading to your PC

10) Once the video is downloaded, you can edit your review which will hopefully now be accepted into Amazon and can be found under the "Your Reviews" section

11) Add the video and wait a few minutes until it's completely uploaded and click the submit button for your review again


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