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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Product Review: Easy@Home 8 Ovulation +2 Pregnancy test sticks Campaign

There's a few things I really like about these tests:
1) They are nice and large so you don't have to deal with tiny test strips that may be hard to handle
2) The instructions are very clear and easy to read as well as understand
3) The packages are color coded so you can quickly tell the difference between the ovulation tests and the pregnancy tests
4) The tests "develop" quickly and are very vibrant in color so there's no guesswork on the results

A suggestion to make this a 5 star product instead of a 4 star:
I suggest color coding the tips of the tests to easily differentiate between a pregnancy test and an ovulation test. Once you unwrap the tests, the only difference between the two types of tests is some small writing just to the side of the results window

Overall this is an awesome product I'll likely purchase again.


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