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Thursday, April 19, 2018

What's in a Name?

I get asked all the time about our children's names - so for the sake of posterity and my children's future sanity, here's the scoop!

I'm a total name junkie and always said I'd name my first born after my father. So, long story short - since my first born was a girl, her name became Leah (after Grandpa Lee). Now, for the rest of the alphabet gang (there's a huge age gap between #1 and #'s 2-6, and the younger children's names were chosen this way:)

A - Andre Nicholas (Andre after my father and Nicholas after a gone too soon friend) - name meaning Andre = man/warrier and  Nicholas = victory of the people. Andre may be small in stature (like his grandfather), but he is not short on intellect or determination. He is quite certainly a strong-willed warrier who is going to change the world around him one small victory at a time!
B - Breccan Leland - Breccan derived from the Irish Saint of the Isle of Aran - name means freckled or speckled and Leland = wood/clearing/meadow and since we live on a beautiful piece of speckled with trees, streams, rocks, hills, and fields we thought it appropriate to name this little lad Breccan Leland. It just so happens that Leland is also the name of a tractor - so quite appropriate for this farming family. Breccan has a gentle spirit and like the wind can be soft and sweet or if necessary a force to be reckoned with.
C - Carmen Jeanne (Jeanne after great grandma) - name meaning Carmen = garden and Jeanne = God is gracious. These names are very appropriate for the young lady we nearly lost at 19 weeks gestation. God graciously provided us with this strong-willed young lady who tends to those around her to ensure her garden is filled with hope and love.
D - Delphine Elizabeth (Elizabeth after grandma) - name meaning Delphine = after the City of Delphi and the Oracle of Apollo (the Oracle if you remember gave guidance and Delphi was the said to be the center or womb of the earth), and Elizabeth = God is satisfaction. Delphine has a warmth that can melt the hearts of many and she can calm a storm with her gentle voice and tender smile. She is usually the center of attention quite organically because of her sparkling personality.
E - Eudora Naomi (Naomi after great grandma) name meaning Eudora = good gift and Naomi = pleasantness. Eudora is a gift to her family, but especially to her siblings who can't get enough of her large smile and she is by far the most pleasant child most have ever met - she's always smiling and very content to talk to anyone who takes time to make eye contact.

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