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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Product Review - MeasuPro Nursery Safety Thermometer/Night Light

At first I wasn't sure I needed this MeasuPro Nursery Safety Thermometer/Night Light but I've moved it around the house and tested it in different environments and now I'm convinced I need one in every bedroom upstairs. We live in an old farm house and I've always told my husband "I need to set the thermometer at ____ because it's always cooler/warmer upstairs" but now I have absolutely proof of that. I was amazed at how accurate it was and how much the temperature fluctuates. I placed it in the sunny windowsill and then moved it down onto the counter in the same room. It was a nice experiment and a great learning experience for our children. Because of the USB style plug, I could even plug this in in our vehicle and show the children how hot a vehicle gets if left for just a few minutes in the sunshine without the windows open. This is an all around great product and I would highly suggest using it your nursery with little ones. If you have a video monitor, you could place it within sight range and if you are unable to read the numbers, you would at least know by the color if there was a problem with the room. I went from being a skeptic to thinking this is an absolutely great product for new parents.

I received this product at a reduced rate in exchange for my honest review.

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