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Monday, February 3, 2014

Giveaway & Review of Loving the Missing Link by Julia Assel Thomas


Julia Asel Thomas  – Loving the Missing Link
book details, review, & giveaway contest!

Loving the Missing Link
 is a fabulous tale about love, success, hope and music. During the 1970's. Young Cheryl Simpson feels trapped in her small Missouri town. As her mother tries to help her find a way up and out, Cheryl begins to feel that it is all an impossible dream. She sees herself living a boring and dismal life for the rest of her days. Just at the moment when she is about to give up on happiness, she gets the opportunity to join her high school band. The band promises a connection with the world outside her town, but Cheryl does not see any future for herself in music. It is just a tool to get where she wants to go. However, Cheryl’s mother arranges for Cheryl to take private lessons with an accomplished musician, who helps her realize the beauty and awesome power of music.
Still, Cheryl feels that small-town inferiority and finds it too hard to believe that she could ever be anyone special out in the “real” world. On the eve of a music contest that could help her earn a music scholarship, Cheryl begins to panic. Scared and feeling alone, Cheryl runs off with her high school sweetheart and gets married, leaving the band behind.
During the next years, Cheryl and her husband make a life for themselves. Cheryl meets friends along the way who help guide her to becoming the woman she wants to be. She becomes interested in the arts again. All the while, Cheryl and husband Jerry face the challenges of homelessness, miscarriage and an extra-marital affair before an unexpected disaster brings Cheryl’s life crashing to the ground. Cheryl survives, with the help of her extraordinary friends and her life-long love for music.

Paperback:  190 Pages

Publisher:    CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (self-published)         Publishing (August 6, 2013)

ISBN-10:  ISBN10: 1480106240

Twitter hashtag: #LMLThomas

Loving the Missing Link is available as a print and e- book at 

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About the Author:
Julia Asel Thomas writes stories with vivid descriptions, authentic dialogue and
revealing narration. Her debut book, Loving the Missing Link, presents the engrossing and moving story of a young, small town girl who grows up, lives and loves while trying to find a balance between despair and hope.
Like the protagonist in her debut book, Loving the Missing Link, Julia Asel Thomas knows small town life. However, Julia’s experiences were quite different than Cheryl’s. Julia is the middle child of seven children and the daughter of a church organist and a business manager. Growing up in the small town of Hamilton, Missouri, Julia’s family enjoyed a reputation as a bright and interesting family. Julia thrived on the quiet and carefree life she lived in that gentle place.
When Julia was in high school, she earned a scholarship for a trip to Cali, Colombia as a foreign exchange student. The experience, although it only lasted a few brief months, had a profound influence on the rest of her life. After her time abroad, Julia realized in a very real way that, although customs may differ from culture to culture, the substance of human emotions is constant. We all need love. We all need to feel secure. We all have happy moments and sad moments. Back from Colombia, Julia become ever more interested in capturing these human emotions through music and writing.
After high school, Julia took a break before going on to college. During this time, she married her husband, Will. Will joined the Air Force, and Julia accompanied him to bases around the country, taking college classes in each town where they resided. Their two children were born in Las Vegas, Nevada, while Will was stationed at Nellis Air Force Base. Married in 1976, Julia and Will are thrilled to celebrate each new anniversary and look forward to staying together for life.
Julia began writing fiction at the age of ten, when her 5th grade teacher gave her the assignment to write about “My Worst Day.” Julia took the opportunity to concoct every possible disaster a young child could face during the course of a normal day. The teacher loved her work and asked her to read it to the class. From then on, Julia wanted nothing more than to be a writer.
In 2007, Julia began earning her living by writing articles, press releases and website content for a number of clients. As she settled into a routine of working every day on her writing, the old urge to write fiction resurfaced. In 2012, Julia started with a story she had written in 1985 and continued it to create the story in Loving the Missing Link.

After Julia’s husband, Will retired from the Air Force, they moved back to Missouri and now live in Kansas City, Missouri. Find out more about this author by visiting her online:

Author blog:

Author Twitter Page:

Book Review: Loving the Missing Link –
by Julia Asel Thomas
By Crystal J. Casavant-Otto

Julia Asel Thomas tackles several ‘big issues’ (acceptance, self-education, and self-understanding to name a few) in Loving the Missing Link. For Cheryl, things are a little more complicated than the ordinary low self-esteem of a lower class teenager girl in a small town and the ending was full of twists and turns that I hadn’t expected. The main character, Cheryl, struggles to find herself amidst the demands of her mother, expectations of her teachers, and the unconditional acceptance of her boyfriend, Jerry. Cheryl is very much a loner who has trouble expressing her thoughts and feelings to others; she finds a haven in her journal and what is so difficult to express in life is captured on those safe pages. Cheryl’s practice of journaling is where I, as a reader was able to really gain understanding of her as a character. We are different in so many ways where I am quite confident, she was shy and fearful and seemed content with being average. I found myself cheering her on as she began on the path to self-understanding.

I enjoy the style of Thomas’s writing and appreciate the honest thoughts from the characters.  Loving the Missing Link is told in such a way that I quickly became engrossed with the character development and enjoyed it right through to the end. It would be hard to say more without spoilers. When Cheryl finds herself lost as a housewife in a college town, she meets Sid of Sid’s Shelves and the two become friends. Cheryl was running away from a controlling well-meaning mother and found comfort in the non-judgmental Sid who was much more tactful than her mother yet still had a way of helping push Cheryl toward her full potential. Somehow Thomas manages to make each chapter meaningful in Cheryl’s coming of age. Based on the wide range of issues, this would be a good pick for book discussions.

The constant theme of music throughout Loving the Missing Link could appeal to those who enjoy music as well as those more familiar with the creation of music. Thomas has such a way with words as she takes an ordinary young woman from a small town and helps her find her voice (literally). I hope to read more from Thomas in the future; there is a rhythm and vibe to her writing that spoke to me. Even though Cheryl and I are two very different people, I know people who struggle with self-esteem and confidence and it the insight from Cheryl’s journal allowed me to see things from a different perspective. With just a few pages left to read, I set down Loving the Missing Link and was reluctant to pick it up again. By that time, I knew how things were going to end but I was not ready to say good bye to the characters I had been cheering for throughout the journey.

Loving the Missing Link is a first published works for Thomas but I do hope she writes more, and I would definitely be interested in a sequel if there is one in the future. Cheryl came so far in Loving the Missing Link and like all of us; she is a work in progress. I would like to be there to see where future paths will lead.

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  1. My favorite kind of book is one that reaches out and grabs me from page 1. I like when the story is that intense that I don't want to put it down!

    brookeb811 at gmail dot com

  2. This book sounds very powerful! It seems like it would be a page turner.

  3. I just love CreateSpace! Such a great chance for new authors to get their voice out there.

  4. I want to win b/c it sounds like an interesting book.

  5. This story sounds so interesting and strong! I would love to win! Pushing yourself and believing in yourself is the key.. Music is can inspiration..

  6. This story sounds so interesting and strong! I would love to win! Pushing yourself and believing in yourself is the key.. Music is can inspiration..

  7. --My favorite kind of book is psychological thrillers.
    jshallow01 @

  8. I hope I win because it sounds like a great book!

  9. I hope to win because I love to read! I judge a book by it's cover and or title and never read the synopsis - I love to be surprised when I read a book. The title drew me in and I really would like to read it!

  10. Our winner is Mom of Two who left the following comment:

    --My favorite kind of book is psychological thrillers.
    jshallow01 @

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