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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Evenflo Advanced & Classic + A Winner for Baby and Parent's Piece of Mind

I am absolutely in love with the new evenflo baby bottles.

The evenflo classic has a natural shaped nipple that is a comfortable shape and size for your baby. The nipples are BPA free and are vented with evenflo's Proflow technology to reduce air intake, gas, and discomfort. The convenient 4oz size means they fit easily in the diaper bag and as your baby ages, they'll be able to grip the bottle easily if they

want to feed themselves. There are so many great features, and one of our favorite is the cover which has an extra section where the nipple fits to stop leaks. I've grabbed a bottle one too many times (usually at church with good clothes on) and ended up with milk all over myself because the nipple leaked into the cover during travel. These classic bottles would make a fabulous gift any mother would love!
We didn't travel quite so much with the evenflo advanced because it was a little larger than the classic bottles. I generally prepare a 4oz bottle right before we leave so the classic was the perfect size for traveling. While at home though, we really enjoyed the comfortable angel and vented nipple of the advanced. The grips on the side of the bottle were comfortable for baby and whomever was feeding him. Dad has large calloused hands and this was the bottle he reached for every time it was his turn to feed!

We've tried many different bottles through the years (this is our third child) and the evenflo advanced as well as the evenflo classic + would be our top picks. The bottle designs are great and we love that they are BPA free with the vented nipples. Definitely a winner for babies comfort and parents piece of mind!

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