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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Review by Tara Forst for Rebecca Pott Fitton's "Wave Rider"

Thank you to WOW! Women on Writing and the lovely Tara Forst as well as Rebecca Pott Fitton. Without these amazing friends this lovely post would not be possible!


Wave Rider: Poetic Journey from Abuse to Wholeness

Review by Tara Forst

While Wave Rider is not the type book I would normally read, I have found it very interesting and can see how others who have experienced abuse similar to what Rebecca Pott Fitton has gone through, would benefit from reading it. I even feel that my eyes were opened and I'm glad I stepped out of my comfort zone to give this a read.

Rebecca has truly bared her soul in this book and I can clearly see her pain and healing. The early poems are dark and and raw and at times disjointed just as I imagine her childhood was. They make you feel for the lost little girl who suffered at the hands of her abuser and those who ignored her plight. As you continue to read you can feel the awakening and changing seasons of her life until she finally reaches a place where she is healed and serene. I especially enjoyed “Free.” It is simple and speaks to her decision to be free of the past, and free to choose her own path. Excerpt from Free- “My words resonate to the universe. ‘I am free.’”

My husband and I are foster parents and I feel Wave Rider has given me new insight into some of the pain some foster children have experienced. I admire Rebecca Pott Fitton for being able to move from abuse to wholeness but also for her willingness to share her story in print form.

Spiritual Memoir / Poetry

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Wave Rider is a poetic reflection of author Rebecca Fitton’s long journey to heal from sexual abuse, abandonment, and neglect, building a new world based on wholeness of body, mind, and spirit. Her journey has taken a lifetime. To use the metaphor of waves, sometimes the undertow nearly drowned her—but she survived. Now her beautiful and profound book offers inspiration to others who have also suffered greatly from abuse.

"Rebecca’s journey, delightfully presented through her sacred poetry, resonates with an archetypal journey shared by many. The intimacy of her sharing and beautifully aligned prose guides us into a state of consciousness where peace can be found. Her book is a delicious delving into the sacredness of individuation." —Melissa Pickett

"It is said that the longest journey begins with the first step. Truthfully, something precedes the first step: saying “yes” to the journey. In her book of poems, Rebecca invites us into her journey—one that says a resounding “yes” to life and an emphatic “no” to abuse. Her voice found through poetry, Rebecca speaks with courage, determination, and delight. My life-journey is the richer after reading her poems." —Paul Chitwood, L.M.T.

"I have been reading Rebecca’s poetry for a few years now. Her choice of words in describing deep emotions, life’s challenges, and pivotal awareness-evoking experiences creates for me a rich and expansive tapestry of multidimensional memories, feelings, and a desire to explore further within myself issues and life mysteries raised by her poetry." —Emily M. Smith

About Rebecca
Rebecca Pott Fitton explored different places and professional work. She grew up in Delaware and went to college in upstate New York. After graduating from Keuka College, she earned an M.A. in international relations at the University of Delaware. Then she headed to Michigan for careers in urban planning and health-care administration and an MBA from the University of Detroit. She continued working in health care in Ohio and retired as president of CareView Home Health in Middletown, Ohio. Retirement can be a busy time. Fitton brought her business acumen to service on five nonprofit boards. After her husband, Richard, died, she realized that the time had come to remake herself. As the lyrics of the song go, “I’d built a life wrapped so tight it was strangling me.” Freedom was a spirit call from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Thank you to WOW! Women on Writing for allowing me an opportunity to participate in this book blog tour!

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About today’s guest reviewer:
Tara Forst lives in Wisconsin with her husband and their young son.  Tara owns her own business: Worn Forever - dedicated to helping mamas with babywearing and attachment parenting.


  1. Tara, thank you for your review. You are courageous to be a foster mom. One out of four girls is sexually abused before the age of 18. Take good care of those kids and happy Valentine's Day. Rebecca

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