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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back To Square One

I wanted to write today (I've been so busy and it's like going to the gym - I miss it so), so I went to a creative writing website and was given the following prompt: "Back to square one..." so here goes:

"Seriously?" Emma hollered as Jake drove away in their Chrysler Town and Country minivan. He had just broken the news about he and Claire. Emma was furious, not to mention too young to be a grandmother. After all, she still fit into her her size eight riding pants and the few grey hairs she had were artfully hidden with expensive highlights. She had been a teenager when Jake was born, and she wanted more for her son. It wasn't that many years ago that she and Eddie had been talking about having another baby of their own, and now Jake was headed to school and she was left to explain things to her husband.

Emma picked up the flour sack towel she had thrown recklessly on the ground. She headed inside with a sigh. Middle of the night feedings, dirty diapers, bottles, mooshy food, rice cereal...and with that, she sat down at the kitchen table, placed her head in her hands, and wept. She wept for the childhood she had not experienced, she wept for lovely Claire who should be thinking about prom and the cheerleading squad instead of a mucus plug and the epidural she would undoubtedly need. Claire - dear Claire - such a tiny thing. Sweet and caring, soft-spoken and gentle. She would make a fabulous mother someday, but Emma never thought it would be so soon. She cried for the unborn child - tears of love, frustration, and fear.

...and then she stopped crying...

Emma stood up, dried her eyes, checked her make-up, and poured herself a cup of coffee. Yes, she was back to square one, raising a baby in the simple old farm house...but one thing would be different. This baby wouldn't go without things, these parents wouldn't have to compromise, because Emma would do what she wished her mother had done. Emma was going to step in and help. She would get up with the baby so the children could make it to class well-rested and ready to achieve. She would worry about groceries, utilities, car seats, and immunizations. This was her chance to give three young people the chance she had never had. Instead of picturing Claire and Jake dropping out of school and working minimum wage jobs, SHE was going to make sure they had the opportunity to graduate, go onto college, and build a better life. Square one, the first building block of something sturdy.


May your paths be abundantly filled with lemons, sugar, sunshine, strength and love!

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