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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Babywearing Thoughts

I probably chose the wrong title for today's post. My thoughts on babywearing would simply be: you won't regret doing it! This post title should probably be something catchy about which babywearing 'device' is best...but I'm not sure that is accurate either. Let me take a stab at explaining.

I didn't wear the other children. I tried...but I thought my only option was the ring sling. It didn't seem to work until my second child was a toddler and then he finally decided it was cool. By back decided it wasn't quite so cool. I didn't know anything about Baby Wearing International or the support groups, and I certainly didn't realize all the options when it comes to carriers. There are soft carriers, carriers with buckles, carriers with rings, and you name it it's out there.

This time around I decided I had no choice but to baby wear. How else would I keep the house clean, feed calves, help older children with homework, nurse the littlest one, and maintain my sanity? I started things out with two Moby Wraps. I thought they were the best thing on earth. They really are quite fabulous, but 5 yards of fabric is a bit much to master in the snowy parking lot of the grocery store. I decided the Moby was best suited for wearing at home and I purchased an ErgoBaby carrier for trips to town. It took a little getting accustomed to. The Ergo has buckles and it's a much different feel than the soft natural Moby. I still can't nurse with the Ergo ... supposedly it CAN be done, but this girl can't figure it out. The Ergo is very pretty and has a nice little 'hood' thingy you can pull up for baby's privacy (which doesn't really do much for me since the nursing thing is an issue...but don't let that stop you). If you're starting with the Ergo, remember to purchase the infant support which is an added cost to the already $100+ you're spending.

Every once in a while I pull out the  SlingEZee ring sling's nice if I'm reading and my little man just wants to nap close and I have used it a time or two while typing or doing books in the office. I'm not super natural at putting the ring sling on though and I've seen ladies make it look easy, so I'm sure it's just me.

What carrier do I like best for the here and now you ask?

Right now my little man is 18 weeks and just over 17 pounds and my absolute favorite carrier (the turn back around and get it because I left the house without it carrier) is the Baby K'Tan. Now - the K'Tan isn't the cheapest, and you need to make sure you get the right size. A friend bought one that was too small and she absolutely hated it. The K'Tan has the soft feel and versatility of the Moby without the scads and scads of fabric to deal with. It doesn't drag in the mud or the snow...which is super important in Wisconsin and on a dairy farm nonetheless. There are multiple carrying positions and if you and hubby are close in size you'll both be able to use the K'Tan. That said, the Moby just fits every body so that would be something to consider...if your caregiver, hubby, and you are going to be baby wearing, you might like the Moby better? At our house, I'm the babywearer so that wasn't an issue.

The K'Tan allows for kangaroo care, nursing privacy, multiple positions, and it's so soft you won't want to take it off...the cute little matching cap for baby is sort of cute

Hopefully this post will help you decide which carrier is best for you. None of them are cheap, so do your homework, ask other moms what they think, and don't be afraid to ask a friend if you can borrow one for a day or two and get the feel for what is right for you and your little one (or ones...and speaking of which the K'Tan easily works for twins too!)


Here's what you'll see if you simply google Baby K' seriously....see what other people are doing! These other parents are a great resource!

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