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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Oh Fancy Baby Interview

I recently had the opportunity to interview Laura of Oh Fancy Baby. Laura was also gracious enough to offer a free diaper in one of our recent giveaways (check out the giveaway for my review). I fell in love with Oh Fancy Baby products when Breccan was just a few months old. I bought an outfit (pictured here) and immediately started snapping pictures, which led to tons of compliments about his outfit, which led to even more outfits! Now who says diapering can't be fun?

Check out this great interview with Laura and be sure to mention this interview when you order your very own Oh Fancy Baby products!


Crystal: Laura, what prompted you to start your own company?

Laura: When my second daughter was born she had very sensitive skin, she ended up being allergic to disposable diapers. It was actually my husband who brought up the idea of cloth diapers. I laughed at him and said I would never wash poop and that it was disgusting. After some intensive research and realizing that cloth diapers wasn’t poking pins and swishing in a toilet I decided to try cloth diapers out. I fell in love, and wanted to share my love with world. OhFancyBaby was born the Summer of 2011 and has grown so much over the past 2 years.

Crystal: Isn't it crazy how we sometimes go back and do something we said we would never do? That's totally how I felt about cloth diapers a few years ago...and now I'm addicted!!!! Good thing we have supportive husbands.

So, speaking of support - who has been your biggest supporter?

Laura: My biggest supporter has been a lot of moms and dads on facebook. I have done a lot of advertising on various sites, groups and pages on and off facebook, however my biggest supporters or rather, FancyFans comefrom facebook and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Crystal: Facebook can certainly be a great way to connect with people. In fact, I think that's where we met (on the cloth diaper swap, if I remember correctly). Gotta love social media!

Other than the facebook tips above, Laura what advice would you give other female entrepreneurs?

Laura: My best advice would be don’t give up and be persistent, the first year is the roughest. But it does get better, as a mom of 3 girls it is easy to get distracted while running OhFancyBaby. I have to put my husband and kiddos first to keep my household on track. Make schedules, post them and follow them. There is nothing better than a good routine.

Crystal: That explains why your customer service is so great! I've never had any ordering issues and really appreciate how prompt you are!

Do tell...what's in store for Oh Fancy Baby in 2014?

Laura: This year I plan to add more FancyMama’s to OhFancyBaby. I love to showcase other mom’s who sew, craft or have another gift to share. I work with other mom’s like me and together we create FancyMama’s. Right now we currently have mama’s who sew cloth wipes and create fabulous hair bows. There is always room to grow and always room for more mamas.

Crystal: Thanks again Laura! I absolutely love your products and it is such a pleasure working with such a great mom and dedicated business owner!

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