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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Inquiring Minds Have Asked: What IS a Blog Tour?

"I use Grammarly's online plagiarism checker because one of me rambling is enough and two would push too many of you over the edge!"

I am often asked about my position as Blog Tour Manager with WOW! Women on Writing. I thought a chilly Sunday in Wisconsin would be a great day to share a little more about what a WOW! Blog Tour is so you’d have a better idea of what it is I do. First a little background: I started doing book reviews in addition to my blog and my writing offerings through my small business (Relax Consulting). I entered a few writing contests through WOW! Women on Writing and subscribed to their email lists. They put out an advertisement for an open position as a Blog Tour Manager. I didn't exactly understand what it was, but I applied. Now I am proud to say I AM a Blog Tour Manager with WOW! Women on Writing...and here is what a Blog Tour Is:

Here goes!

WOW! Blog tours are an effective way to publicize an author’s book to a vast, yet targeted,
audience of readers across the web. A blog tour is similar to an author’s book tour but it’s
hosted online instead of at, say, bookstores. The touring author visits a number of blogs
(otherwise known as “blog stops”) over a set period of time—typically, a month. Authors use
this format to buzz their book, connect with readers, and drive traffic to their Amazon page
and their website/blog. This format of publicizing an author’s book is one of WOW!’s most
effective and popular promotions.

Blog Tour Package:

·        Dedicated e-mail announcing author’s blog tour launch in the WOW! Events
            Newsletter (20,000+ subscribers)
·        Interview on WOW!’s syndicated blog, The Muffin
·        15 stops on highly trafficked blogs targeted to the author’s book genre/topic
·        Book reviews and/or interviews from blog owners
·         Links to and author’s website, blog, and multimedia if available
·         Targeted book giveaway contest to encourage reader buzz
·        Social media buzz Facebook, and Twitter
·        Custom animated book banner (created by our graphic department: 120 pixels x
            340 pixels) linking to author’s site or Amazon page and featured issue-wide on
            WOW! for one month with indefinite archiving
·        A blog tour manager is assigned to the author to guide her/him throughout the
            process and keep them on schedule

Author Requirements:
The author’s book must be approved by the editorial board to gauge suitability for the WOW!
audience. Books can be fiction or nonfiction. Established authors welcome. Debut authors
are encouraged to enroll in this promotion as we enjoy highlighting fresh voices for our
readers. Authors must be available and willing to be interviewed, write blog posts tailored to
the topics in their book, and provide a book to each blog owner for review and/or a giveaway
contest. We also encourage that authors be present at blog stops to answer questions from
readers and participate in discussions.


·        Payment in full is required before we can begin work on the tour.
·        WOW! provides reader addresses. Publisher or author handles all mailing
 of ARCs and review copies.
·        Books by both women and men authors are welcome, upon approval.

NOTES: Want testimonials? We have tons! Please e-mail us at:

if you would like testimonials or have any questions.

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