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Monday, November 7, 2016

Mini Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

I have been looking for a great sounding speaker I can enjoy out in our calf barn. Since the weather conditions are always changing in the barn (hot in the summer, cold in the winter, sometimes humid, sometimes wet, etc...)it is important for me to use and indoor/outdoor style speaker in that environment. I also want it to work wirelessly with my iphone and be easy to operate. That's exactly why I'm loving this particular speaker. I walk into the barn and my phone picks up the signal right away and connects without any trouble. The speaker stays charged for a long period of time and I go several days without having to plug it in. When I do charge it, it charges quickly. The sound quality is really impressive for being so small. I think I finally found "the one" that will work long term for me. This would be ideal for someone looking for something for their porch or patio as well as near a hot tub or swimming pool. You don't have to sacrifice sound quality for outdoor enjoyment!

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