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Monday, May 1, 2017

Guest Post Part II; Dear Mistress

I don't know if everyone remembers a previous post: "Crawling Out of the Dark" about a woman going through a difficult time with a cheating spouse. I previously shared her excellent letter to her husband and now here is her letter to the mistress! This fabulous letter is absolutely worth sharing. And here it is!

Dear Other Woman,

Quite a bit of time has passed since the last time we have seen each other. I do have several questions for you. All of them are cruel and all of them are direct.

So let's get started,
Question #1
Why my husband?  You would provide oral services for a man and in return get a little bit of attention maybe and if you were lucky some affection. That’s not a relationship, that is a man being a selfish asshole.

Question #2
How come you never went away?
I hadn’t heard from or about you for years until I was informed you had invited yourself to our wedding.  Are you a whore version of Batman? Hiding in the darkness to prey on married men. What's your superpower? Deep throat? Medusa? Or just blow job giving version of Satan?

Question #3
Why would you want to see the man you have gushed over for years get married? Maybe you saw that as a challenge, maybe you needed to feel included, or maybe that was just your way of showing some sort of control or intimidation. No matter what the reason, it is weird.

It was no secret that I didn't like you. I saw through your acts, quite frankly I had labelled you as a sociopathic narcissist but that was just my opinion based off my observations of your behaviors.

Anyway back on topic here. I gave strict orders on my wedding day you were not allowed anywhere near me until after I made it down the aisle. Turns out you serviced the new groom two weeks before the wedding to help him say good bye to bachelorhood. Insert whore cough here.

Since the horrible day that I learned about your affair with my husband; July 28, 2015 at 11:11am to be exact, I have extreme anger and disgust towards you both. You both have committed unforgivable acts. You both have hurt many people beyond words.You both have damaged the respect that family, friends, and acquaintances have for each of you. Plus people think you are a whore and wonder why he would go near you let alone put his member in your mouth. Did you at least remove your dentures? I bet that's you superpower! Classy.

I am aware you refer to me as “the storm” and you play the victim who has been publicly shamed on Facebook. Damn right you were publicly shamed on Facebook. You did horrible things and people should know it. I called you out, I called my husband out and I cleared up the rumors. No regrets on my part. You do the crime be prepared to do the time.

Questions #4,5 &6
Did your affair embarrass you? Did you feel guilty? How did your family, friends and husband look at you after your secret was exposed? I am guessing it didn’t feel as warm and fuzzy as your relationship with my husband made you feel. I am also guessing you have no empathy towards anyone you hurt and only feel sorry for yourself. No worries, I have some empathy towards you. I feel bad for you that you are not a good role model for your children. I feel bad that you are not the woman your mother raised you to be. I also feel bad you are the definition of homewrecker, whore and mistress. Again, classy.

Now let’s refer to reference to “the storm” and the label homewrecker. You claim your life was great until I, the storm, turned everything upside down.

Question #7
Was your life really that great? You were cheating on your husband with a married man. You also claim you aren’t a homewrecker because our broken marriage was already broken. Maybe the term homewrecker doesn’t apply to you. Our marriage wasn't broken, it was new. We were balancing the first year of marriage and the union of two families. Our marriage wasn't broken it was under construction. So I guess instead of homewrecker you are more like a wrecking ball. It's too bad your ass wouldn't fit on one. You could be just like Miley Cyrus-- rumor has it she's a crazy whore too.

Question #8
Why do you justify your actions by saying "A man who truly loves his wife doesn't need another woman"? It makes you sound stupid!

You are right a man who loves his wife can’t be taken. But the problem with your theory is that my husband didn’t love his wife. In fact he didn’t really love anyone but himself. He wasn't capable of trusting or truly caring for anyone. You knew that and you used that in your advantage. You didn’t win; you didn’t get the prize. You were the person who gave him attention, oral favors and a boost to his damaged ego of viewing himself as failure as a provider to his new family. In reality you two are basically the same person. That's how you both woke up every morning and thought you were good people. You were not, you never will be.

A little bit more on the storm reference. While you play the victim I can’t help but think you have been down this road before. You are good at manipulating people and controlling the way things go, insert my sociopath narcissist diagnosis here. The storm I caused in your eyes was beyond your control so you tried your hardest to fix it. You reached out to mutual friends and used them for insight. You reached out to extended family of my husband looking for sympathy. You even reached out to me to give me advice about how I obviously love my husband, not to divorce him and to know that you did things but you always had my best interest in mind. After all that’s why you hid your affair and never wanted me to find out, because you didn't want to hurt me. My advice just keep your mouth closed. Your mouth clearly is what gets you in trouble. Close it and probably your legs too.

Questions #9 & #10
Do you expect a thank you? Pretty sure you deserve a kick in the face. Why do you refer to this as a game, taunting me with "game on" messages?

If this truly was just a game to you, I guess you win. You win the label of being the other woman. You win the honor of performing oral services for a man and receiving nothing in return. You also win the self-appointed right of being a victim. You win a game that no one else was playing. Nobody wanted to play with you then and nobody wants to play with you now.

My advice--get off your wrecking ball and stop being a whore.


The Storm

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