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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Capturing Moments and Making Impressions With Oh Photography

The following conversation happened between Olivia of Oh! Photography and I earlier this week.

"Your wedding pictures are done and I'm so excited - you're going to love them!"

"That's awesome! Do you just mail them to me, or how does that work?"

"I usually meet with people in person would Thursday afternoon work for you?"


and we schedule a time to meet...we met downtown Manitowoc and after a big hug, Olivia hands me a heart shaped box.

"What's this?"

"These are your pictures?"

"What?" (I'm confused because I'm holding what you see below)

I had been expecting a silver colored CD in a white paper wrapper....and here is my new initial (O) in the middle of a hand made fabric flower wrapped carefully around gift box...this was not at all how I thought this was supposed to work.

I open the box (with tears in my eyes) and this is what I find:

2 hand crafted fabric flowers (one for my husband and one for me)
1 CD of our pictures, with our very own image etched on the front of it
1 release card so we have rights to print our photos

"Olivia - do you do this for everyone or am I special?"

"Crystal - you are special, but I do this for everyone...with a special touch for each occasion or each couple."

I'm speechless......

"Do you like it?" ~Olivia asks hesitantly....

"Like it? I love it - seriously? This is why we chose a date that you were available. I could NEVER imagine anyone else being part of my once in a lifetime 'happily ever after'"

hug hug sniff sniff

"Glad you like it Crystal"

"Olivia - I love what you and Oh!Photography stand for - thank you!"

And here they are - my moments captured for eternity. It took me a lifetime to find my price charming and our happily ever after, and now that we found it, we have frozen it in time with the help of Oh! Photography and the amazingly talented Olivia Brey!

May your paths be abundantly filled with lemons, sugar, sunshine, and moments worth capturing on film! ~Crystal

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