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Thursday, September 6, 2012

I feel...JOYFUL...Journal Entry 5

I feel….
Today’s journaling activity reminded us about our emotions as infants. A time in our life where we were our authentic selves. A time when we didn’t worry about people’s reactions to our feelings – we worried solely about our feelings. We could scream at the top of our lungs or giggle – regardless of the time or the place. The exercise included a prompt to write I FEEL at the top of the page and then fill in the blank with the emotion felt most strongly.
As I think about the wedding pictures I received, my healthy children, my amazing husband, and our bright future – I truly feel joyful! I think about the way my children laugh – loud and long – I feel like doing just that! I can’t change things that have happened in the past, I can learn from them, but I don’t need to dwell in the past to feel joyful about the future.
We have so many things to be joyful about:
·        - Finishing the farm purchase
·         -Selling the house in Two Rivers
·         -Moving the family to the farm
·         -Having a new baby (that’s not for sure yet, but we are trying…and it’s fun – wink wink )
·         -Healthy Children
·         -Great communication in our marriage
-     -Supportive Family
I suppose I could complain about the economy, the price of gas, the children who don’t often listen the first time, etc…but in all honesty, my strongest emotion is that of joy, love, and thankfulness.

May your paths be abundantly filled with lemons, sugar, sunshine, and joy! 

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