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Monday, September 10, 2012

Play With Your Inner Child ... Journal Entry 8

Today we played with our inner child during the 27 Day Journaling Challenge. The 'assignment' was to talk about who you are/were as a child, what advice you would give, wisdom, etc...and then do a little creative doodling. The result:

My name is: Crystal (Daddy calls me Punkin' - not like the big round orange things....sort of different)
I'm 4:
My Advice to the grown up Crystal is: a mint sundae at Dairy Queen solves everything!
My Best Lesson is: Don't sit in the sand too long at the beach - sandy underwear isn't pleasant!

What good was today's exercise?

Well - I can tell you this much:

I closed the office early and took my son to the apple orchard. I left my phone in the car for most of the visit and simply enjoyed his company. We fed an ostrich and played with goats, we goofed around in the straw maze, met some new friends, brought home some apples, and made some memories. Thinking about my own childhood memories was just the reminder I needed. I need to get out there and make memories! Sometimes we get so caught up in making money to pay the bills that we forget that the memories last a lifetime and the money is just some dirty paper that buys us things we don't need and can't take with us when we go.

On that note...

May your paths be abundantly filled with lemons, sugar, sunshine, and moments used to make lasting memories! ~Crystal

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  1. Crystal,thanks for your words of wisdom: "moments used to make lasting memories."