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Friday, May 18, 2012

Getting Full of Passion and Happiness

"Follow your passions and hold tight to your dreams and don't give up until your life is full of dreams, passion, and happiness" ~Crystal

As I was watching the winter rye being cut and blown into the chopper wagons yesterday I was thinking about a lot of different things, but something worth sharing is the thought about life being like a chopper wagon. Be patient with me - I find farming incredibly amazing and rewarding in so many ways. The tractor pulls into the hilly field with the chopper and blower attached to it. The driver backs the unit(s) up to the waiting chopper wagon, then puts the pin in. At this point, the machinery becomes one - all the pieces work together to glide gracefully up and down the hilly field filling the wagon. When the wagon is full it is detached and another one takes it's place and this process continues until the field that was once lush and green with vegetation is ready for the next crop. The field looks like a carefully knit blanket with a beautiful pattern of browns and tan.

As I experienced and assisted with the process described above, I was thinking about my life as the chopper wagon. It began empty and ready for filling. As the empty wagon is pulled down the road, it wiggles and wobbles and is anything but graceful. As the wagon is being filled, it moves up the gentle hills and down into the valleys of the field. Sometimes it wobbles a bit, but the fuller it gets, the less wobbly it is. Once full, the wagon glides gently and gracefully through the field and then down the road. It may not move as quickly as it did when it was empty, but it is much more graceful, methodical, and cautious. The wagon is then pulled back to the farm where it is emptied into the silo and the process begins again. If this is my life, I want to be filled with the highest quality feed and I want to be full because I am most beautiful when I am full.

How do I make sure my chopper wagon (my life) is full? I partner with the smartest, most patient farmer I can find. The farmer must drive slowly when I am empty to help me wobble as little as possible. The farmer must slow down or speed up depending on how I am going down the road or the field. The farmer needs to plant and care for the field so it yields only the most delicious food and then make time for harvesting the feed at the perfect time so it isn't too dry or too wet so when I am full it is with a lush and lovely feed. When I am full, the farmer must be sensitive to my needs and know that I am ready for emptying so we can share the experience again and again. When I am idle, during the months when the fields are resting, the farmer must care for me and provide me with all that I need (shelter, greasing, air in my tires).

So in my life...I choose to align with a smart and patient partner. I choose to be treated with love. I choose to be filled with positive energy, ideas, and conversation. I promise to let my partner know what I need. I choose to love and be loved and I will embrace the hills and valleys knowing that each dip and wobble will bring happiness and great satisfaction.

"Follow your passions and hold tight to your dreams and don't give up until your life is full of dreams, passion, and happiness" ~Crystal

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