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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Let's Face It - I LOVE Agriculture, but Agriculture LOVES branding!

I'm sure you noticed in my recent post that I LOVE Agriculture, and you've heard me say that we need a blog dedicated solely to the farm (filled with pictures of the hills and meadows, of course). Tonight I am giddy with information about marketing and branding in the agriculture market, but more important, I am inspired by those I met this evening and those included in the presentation.

Let me back up - The Economic Development Corp of Manitowoc County received a grant which enabled them to put on presentations relating to agriculture. Tonight's presentation was given by the lovely Andrea G. Neu who owns her own business and has spent nearly two decades on Wisconsin's Milk Marketing Board. She is more dedicated to dairy than most farmers I know - and she's inspirational. At her class, I met business owners such as Rick Braun from Braun Electric that provide barn equipment, excavation, manure management, septic and plumbing, etc...(, Kurt Dramm from Dramm Corporation where they make organic fertilizers (, Ruth from Ginger Hollow who makes fabulous artisan soaps (, and Jayne from James Jellies and More...which is where I purchased this amazing pepper jelly that goes great with a glass of wine (

Then...the presentation itself was filled with great examples of agri businesses that have successfully developed their brands and built amazing businesses. It was so inspirational that I feel like I know these individuals personally. When it comes to branding and marketing, even if you aren't in the agriculture market, you can learn something from the following success stories:

Kelley Country Creamery - #stop in for an ice cream cone!

LaClare Farms - Evalon - #award winning dairy goat farm!

Hidden Springs Creamery - #award winning hand made cheeses!

I'm not going to have any time for work - I'm going to be too busy traveling our lovely state eating cheese, ice cream, bathing with hand made soaps, and smothering my crackers with pepper jelly! What a fun and amazing day!

And with that my friends - 
May your paths be abundantly filled with lemons, sugar, sunshine, and plenty of opportunities to learn from others and meet exceptional individuals like yourselves!

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