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Friday, June 15, 2012

Let's Get Intimately Acquainted

Before we get intimate with each other, I want to tell you what I love about my resume.


-the fact that my feet always smell like cider vinegar when I wear sandals

-that my laundry piles up downstairs (clean)

-that I prefer to order in rather than cook in the summer

-that I like pastry for breakfast better than any other food on earth (bring on cheesecake)

-that I dance around naked sometimes and there's more jiggle than there used to be

-my insecurities about myself, my future, and my abilities

-information about my vehicle being excessively over on an oil change AND tire replacements

-mid-life acne

-my spare tire

-my neurotic tendency to clean daily

-the fact that I said ASS the other day and now both children keep repeating it

-my ranting when things don't go my way

-my impatience

My resume shows you only what I want you to see. It makes you want to meet me to learn more...and even then, you're still seeing only what I want you to see. It's funny though - when I write things, I am sharing a piece of my life and my soul with you. If you took the time to read my blog, I feel like we've shared a sort of intimacy. I want you to see the entire me. I want you to know my blunders, my faults, and my shortcomings. You know why? I don't either...but I think it makes us all human. We want to share a piece of ourselves with those who touch our lives. We came into this world naked and screaming and with any luck we will leave just that way...but in the meantime, I want to share the experience. None of us are here by chance and like it or not we need one another.

So there you go - my feet stink, I'm impatient, and I'm probably as mentally unstable as they come - but I thank you for taking time out of your life to experience my writing and to share this intimate moment together. Next time you're dancing around naked, trying to pluck a hair from the wrong place, or you find yourself trying to reach that unreachable zit on your backside...know you're not alone. There's at least one other person who has similar issues (and if we are honest with each other, there's a nation filled with people just like us).

~May your paths be abundantly filled with lemons, sugar, sunshine, and intimacy.


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