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Monday, June 25, 2012

Poetry - Take Two - "Birth, an Unexplained Loss"

Birth, An Unexplained Loss
I loved you from the moment I knew of you
Protected you with my being
Longed to touch you, to hear the sound of your voice
Dreamed about who you would become
Pictured the two of us together laughing
Imagined being called ‘Mommy’
Promised both of us a lifetime of great joy
Dedicated myself to you
Doubted my abilities but never yours
Listened to your little beating heart
Realized my dreams meant a bittersweet end
Your birth meant we would be apart
The moment you were born I felt a great loss
Tears filled my eyes and I cried
So much for us to gain and experience
Joy through an unexplained loss
My womb now empty we are no longer joined
Love keeps us together entwined
A promise I make to you my little one
To protect you with my being
Before you my life had no meaning at all

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