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Monday, June 25, 2012

So Many Decisions...

Today's blog post is the rambling mess going on inside my head this morning - if you've ever been overwhelmed, this one's for're not alone!

The house is still for sale - not that I expected it to sell in three weeks...but one can hope, right? It sounds like the farm transition is going to happen right after the wedding. This means we have a lot of decisions to make. Reduce the price of the house to sell it? Rent it out and still use part of it as an office for Relax Consulting? How do we keep the Two Rivers house furnished and ready for showing, if we are remodeling the new house? What school should the children be enrolled in (Valders or Two Rivers)? Come to find out Valders doesn't have a another decision to make. Then there's the question of owning a business versus the benefits that come with being an employee. Do I throw the towel in on Relax Consulting and take a job? Then there's the question of child care...and we want another does that fit in? Hardly any water pressure at the farm - sigh...

The girl who was milking cows with Mark just put in her two-week notice. As soon as we move I may just become a milker and I don't mind...I just don't know how I'm going to be able to write, run my business, run the books for the farm, raise two children, create a third child, keep two houses clean, milk cows, drive chopper wagons, and build a new milking parlor all with just 24 hours each day.

This is when I take a nap and pray. This is God reminding me that he is going to provide and that I don't have to drive the bus and that I shouldn't be such a control freak.

Engagement pictures...that's right!
Ring sizing...that too!
Marriage license...oops, almost forgot!
Wedding favors...gotta get on that!
Tanning...ahhh - farmer tan!

Yup - I need a nap...I'm overwhelmed. The message is: "This is God's show - sit down and stop trying direct!"

May your paths be abundantly filled with lemons, sugar, sunshine, and reminders that not everything has to be planned or run smoothly. 

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