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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Amazing Networking Opportunity - Sharing With You!

Not sure if this should be on my personal blog or the business blog - either way, here goes:

I had a fabulous networking opportunity today...actually, the entire day thus far has been filled with networking and opportunity. Here's how things have gone (keep in mind it's not even 3pm so there are more opportunities yet to come) -

9am - stopped at a fabulous chiropractic office to chat with some very nice ladies and enjoy the scenery and ambiance (picture a pond, a water fall, and a real live mallard swimming in the pond). If you are looking for a great chiropractor in the Manitowoc area - check out Advanced Family Chiropractic - during that visit I was able to chat with the talented Olivia Brey from OH photography (talk about talent folks): Olivia is as inspirational as she is talented and it's such an honor to consider her a mentor and friend.

9:30am - met with Steve and Tom from SCORE counseling chapter #508 if you need help with your business or just want to chat with professionals about a dream that you may have for a business - this is the group to get in touch with. Talk about being authentic and providing feedback. What a great experience. They even recommended some books for me to read (being the book worm I am).

10:30am - chatted with Tess and Ron of Fallier Automotive about their adventures and future plans. I can tell you that I've bought several vehicles from them, had work done, and rented a U-Haul - very nice people to deal with:

11:15am - Women in Management Inc. meeting (learn more about us at: and met some great people and heard a presentation about Networking with Purpose and Passion by Joyce Nelson of Joyce Ventures: and also had a fabulous lunch at the Holiday Inn in Manitowoc.

Here I am - writing thank you notes to each of the amazing people who made today such a great day for me. I'd like to also let you know who they are:

United Way 
Contact Sandy to find out how you can volunteer!

Steve Sorenson
Contact Steve to make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality!

Task Management & Consulting
Michelle Kvitek
Contact Michelle to build and maintain your website and so much more!

On Call Assistant/Card Connection
Melissa Lake
Contact Melissa - she's your on call assistant with years of experience & great results!

Manitowoc Public Library
Connie Willems
Contact Connie to find out about great programs available in Manitowoc County (and if you have library fines, now is the time to bring in a food item - each food item is worth $1 up to a total of 20 items toward your fines and the food will be donated to local food pantries)

Felician Village
Roselle Hoschbach
Contact Roselle to learn more about the restaurants, catering, independent living options available at Felician Village and the Gardens!

Amber Dunmire
Contact Amber to learn more about the Thirty One opportunity (cute ideas for organization - including purses!)

American Family Insurance
Pamela Wargin & Julie Nelson
Contact Pam - she believes there's more to insurance than the policy itself - she will provide you with dependable protection and service. Earning your trust is her priority!

Joyce Ventures
Joyce Nelson
Contact Joyce who guides individuals, businesses and organization in professional relationships!

On that note - may your paths be abundantly filled with lemons, sugar, and as much sunshine as your soul can bear!


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