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Friday, April 27, 2012

Be Rewarded for Enjoying GREAT Food at the Lighthouse Inn - Two Rivers, WI

Many of you know that I love love love to eat at the Lighthouse Inn in Two Rivers. I love it so much that we celebrate birthdays there (yes, even for the children), stop for ice cream cones for no particular reason, would go no where else for a business lunch, AND we are celebrating our wedding there in August. There are so many reasons to love the Lighthouse Inn and for those of you who may not have caught previous posts, here are a few things I appreciate the most:

*courteous staff - they go above and beyond [the waitresses are amazing and a certain bartender (Janelle) is just as wonderful - the experience resembles stopping at a friends house where they remember you versus just being another number]

*clean facility - the exterior and interior of the facility are both clean and well maintained. Even the aquariums are free from finger prints!

*amazing food - I can honestly say that I have NEVER had a bad meal at the Lighthouse Inn's restaurant/The Water's Edge. My personal favorites include: the french onion soup, the bananas foster cheesecake, the baked Alaska, kneecaps, the rueben sandwich, and the gnocchi with cream sauce and shrimp.

*fabulous drinks - Ask for a melon ball and you'll know what I mean - enough said! (it tastes even better than it looks which is hard to believe)

*fair prices - I may have complained about the cost of feeding people at a wedding, but in reality...I called around and the Lighthouse Inn has great prices and if you consider the view and the service - they should really be charging more (but don't tell them that)

*family atmosphere - The Water's Edge Restaurant is the type of place you can bring grandma for breakfast, the children for lunch, and then in the evening you can go back for a romantic rendezvous with that special someone! (and if it's your birthday you may find yourself serenading with a happy birthday played on the violin by one of the concert musicians on staff - Jim Jr or Jim won't find that anywhere else!)

I could go on and on - but the point of today's post was to tell you how you can be rewarded simply by eating at the Water's Edge Restaurant. This is not the official explanation mind you - I am in no way affiliated with the business other than by way of patronage. A year ago my Aunt Dorothe told me to fill out a form and get a reward card. I did as I was told and as you can see on their website, it's really short:

Every time I eat there or stop for drinks/ice cream cones, I hand them my rewards card along with my payment and then I don't think much of it. I was hoping to save up enough to stay overnight or take the kids for lunch. Things are a smidge tight at our house right now, so today I just asked if whatever rewards I had on my card could be used toward today's lunch (it was me, the two kids, and our special friend - Grandma Bev dining today and I wanted to treat). I was expecting $10 or so off the bill...and to my amazement and excitement, I had accumulated enough points that our lunch was FREE.

That's right folks - FREE! Usually when something is free it isn't very good at all, so I want to tell you more about what we received today for absolutely nothing:

*2 bottles of Root Beer

*2 tall glasses of Diet Pepsi

*1 bowl of French Onion Soup

*1 plate of Perch with french fries, rye bread, and coleslaw (and I'm talking lots of pieces Perch)

*1 chefs salad the size of my head

*1 order of pan-papes (ask Andre....but you and I call them pancakes...and there's 4 pancakes on a plate)

*1/2 order of line sausage (Andre again...sausage links)

*1 slice of bananas foster cheesecake

*2 waffle cones filled with Pirate's Booty (from Cedar Crest) Ice Cream

*1 specialty pizza (for more details on that, see the previous post from today) 

I don't even know how much this meal cost - I would guess well over $50 and I got it for FREE. I highly suggest you sign up for a rewards card and then eat eat eat at the Lighthouse Inn/Water's Edge Restaurant every chance you get. (and if you have no one to go with, just call...I can always make time for good food and good friends)

May your paths be abundantly filled with lemons, sugar, sunshine, and friendships!


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  1. We got married at the Lighthouse Inn. It was amazing and they did a great job. And their prices were fantastic! I don't know if I've ever eaten there other than then though. Ron and I will have to do a dinner date there some night. :)