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Friday, April 6, 2012

Compliment Compliance

Many of us love giving compliments but bristle at the thought of receiving them. Here's my down and dirty compliance lesson when it comes to compliments (and yes, there is intentionally only one RULE if you will when it comes to receiving them).

Giving Compliments 
*Be sincere
*Be specific "you're so nice" is to generic...this is much better "I appreciate how you _____________" (or "I love your floral bag vs. nice outfit)
*Look them in the eye - a compliment without eye contact feels like manipulation

Receiving Compliments
*Say Thank You

For some reason, we feel like we need to return the compliment - THIS IS NOT A TENNIS MATCH MY FRIENDS! If someone tells you that your hair looks nice and you say - "thanks - so does yours" you are rejecting the compliment they gave you and giving them a half hearted and insincere compliment instead of being genuine and sincere. This little compliment volley is what you want to avoid. Look the person in the eyes and say thank you. No need to return the compliment, make excuses, or explain anything - just two little words will suffice


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