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Friday, April 27, 2012

Who Is/Was Seymour Althen?

Yup...once a geek always a geek. I lost the braces and glasses long ago (still chubby though), but the geekiness isn't quite as easy to get away from. We are planning this wedding with a reception to be held at the Lighthouse Inn in Two Rivers. The name of the hall within the facility is called the Seymour Althen  Banquet Facility. Every time I think about it, I say to myself..."self, don't you think you should know who Seymour Althen is or was since he is indirectly involved in your wedding?" and then I get busy and I don't get back to it.

The children are playing in the yard and I have a few moments to myself this afternoon. I suppose I could take a nap or do laundry, but the geek in me is urging me to figure out who Seymour Althen is. Would you like to come along with me on this little quest?

The first thing I found was a post on confirming that Seymour died in 1975 and confirmed that I had the right Seymour (more popular name than you might think) by showing that he died in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.

Then I found some bits and pieces of history about Two Rivers claim to fame as the birthplace of the ice cream sundae and this document made it seem like Seymour was some sort of newspaper reporter or historian in Two Rivers

We forge the Milwaukee Journal paper from July 11th 1972 (,628549) where it seems that Seymour Althen was President of the Two Rivers-Manitowoc Development Co. Inc.

Seymour Althen was also listed as Managing Editor of the Two Rivers Reporter

I think I'll ask the question the next time I'm at the Lighthouse Inn to learn more, but now we know...and isn't it ironic that someone who loves to write is having her wedding reception in a banquet facility named after a managing editor of a local paper? hmmm......and I have a feeling he probably knew my daddy too. Good vibes!

May your paths be abundantly filled with lemons, sugar, sunshine, and geeky moments when you have time to answer your own questions and dig for the truth!


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