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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Stop Judging Yourself!

Just a quick note tonight to remind everyone to stop judging yourselves. The examples go on and on but I'll name a few:

-Letting your children play outside without a coat on because the coat is in the laundry, or you can't find it...does NOT make you a bad mom - it shows your children that it's okay to improvise!

-Missing a day of work because you don't feel like getting out of bed but you aren't really super sick...does NOT make you a bad employee - it makes you human!

-Wearing mis-matched socks because the dryer ate one of each pair...does NOT make you a fashion disaster - it makes you crafty, artistic, and fun!

-Cussing when you stub your toe and using the F word...does not make you a literary makes you human (and if you don't make a big deal about it, your children will likely forget it quickly).

There are enough people out there who are happy to judge you, point fingers, and kick you own a__...why do you want to do it for them? Cut yourself some slack as a human, parent, spouse, etc...

If you didn't wake up tomorrow, it wouldn't much matter if your socks matched or if your children had a bad haircut - what matters is who you love and how deeply...and the legacy you leave behind has nothing to do with a one time slip up.

Stop judging yourself and start living!

May your paths be abundantly filled with lemons, sugar, and sunshine!


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