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Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Mentor

I just had an opportunity to nominate a female mentor for the Manitowoc Chapter of Women in Management. I am certain that this post is going to embarrass my humble friend (and nominee), but she truly is a mentor to many and deserves credit where credit is due. Below is my submission for the award:

I would like to nominate Olivia Gaeth-Brey for the WIMI Mentor award. By definition, a mentor is:  a wise and trusted counselor or teacher.  Boy does Olivia fit that bill!

Olivia is the office manager at Advanced Family Chiropractic in Manitowoc and she also owns her own business called OH! Photography. She is so much more than either of these titles imply. She is a young, vibrant, vivacious young woman who brings smiles to many people each day through her positive attitude, great smile, sense of humor, and her photography. Olivia has every reason to be crabby and negative. Her husband passed away unexpectedly within two years of their wedding (he was only 29). He was her best friend and they had a lifetime of dreams left to fulfill. She took that difficult situation and used it to better herself and become an inspiration to others. The depth of her character shows through in the pictures she takes (she captures the spirit of each individual), the words she writes, and the overall way she conducts herself each day. The patients and staff at Advanced family would gladly attest to what a mentor and amazing woman Olivia is, as would the customers and families photographed by OH! Photography.

I am glad to know such a strong and kind woman and I can say with certainty that she is a mentor to many (myself included).

During difficult times, it is especially important to align yourself with positive and strong individuals. Olivia has been right with me through the last few weeks and months and she has been cheering me on and pushing me forward. She was one of the first people to know about Mark's marriage proposal and we are blessed to have her as our photographer that special day. Here are some of the photos Olivia has already done for our family - you can easily see why I say she captures the spirit of each person - she is amazing and you can see her positivity show through in her work as well:

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