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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Relaxing with LemonAde

Well - I've made the decision. I can't take all the credit actually, WE have made the decision. There's a new business being born - called RELAX Consulting. The WE includes too many people to mention. Ultimately, prayer and support brought us to this important decision. Instead of taking the high paying job, I am going to be my own boss. Lot's of risk, no guarantee, but I do know that I'll never be terminated again. My work, my time, my passion, and my talents will be used to build my own business - a business focused on helping others. I will not compromise anything - if I fail, I will hold my head high. If I succeed, I will humbly thank my Lord and Savior for his Grace and Mercy.

I am working on a business website, business plan, and then I'll keep you posted on what we will be offering. I do know that I will specialize in what I am good at: organization, projects, oral and written communication, team building, blogging, customer service, business relations, and marketing.

I recently participated in a class at the local college and took a test called: World of Work Inventory. This helped me pinpoint my strengths and realize my weaknesses. Here is what I will NOT be helping others with: industrial processing, machine work, bench work, structural work, mechanical work, or mining. Basically - I shouldn't even attempt to arrange my own furniture or design a garden. if you need that type of assistance, I'll see what I can do to hook you up - WITH SOMEONE ELSE!

So - choosing a business name was a bit of a challenge - all the good stuff was taken. I nearly went with Crystal Casavant Consulting, but that's not really who I hope to be in ten years. In ten years I would like a team of consultants who can help exceed our client's expectations, and using my name just didn't seem viable if that's the future goal. I chose: Relax Consulting and then built the website from there. The website is in it's infant stages, so feel free to visit and provide feedback:

Last thing to share today: If it weren't for good friends and faithful family cheering me on, I would have nothing. (someone else must have said that before, but that's my thought for the day...go ahead and write it on my tombstone someday if you wish).

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