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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Preserving Lemons

This blog is about a lemons to lemonade success story about losing focus and finding a dream. Today's post came purely by accident and for those of you truly interested in learning more about preserving actual lemons, this article may help you:

For me, preserving lemons is a way of respecting and learning from those moments where you thought you had failed or times you had to change course. You've heard the age old saying "forgive and forget" or "don't sweat the small stuff" right? Well...your lemony moment is the moment that brings about change and like it or not, it happened. I don't think you should forget about it and I do think you should sweat even the small stuff. This is not about carrying a grudge or having a pity party. It's about going through life with your eyes wide open. Having a great positive attitude and turning a lemon into lemonade is fabulous...but trying to forget that you have the lemon will never provide you with the lemonade...get it? Even when you've got the lemonade in hand, there's still some part of the lemon laying behind on the counter.

To become successful is fabulous, but to remember your humble beginnings by preserving lemons is important for being your authentic self. If you forget where you came from and don't admit to those lemony moments, those traits that others find so appealing about you (your humility, your courage, your empathy) will also fall by the wayside. You may find new friends, you may continue to enjoy overflowing glasses of lemonade, but there's always the chance that the next time you go to the grocery store, they'll be out of lemons. It sure would be nice to have some preserved and waiting for you in the fridge.

In other words - remember those moments when you were at your worst. Respect them, learn from them, (and of course I recommend a few journal entries about them), and look back on them often. They'll help you stay on course for a bright future filled with an abundance of lemonade and success!

May your path be abundant with lemons, sugar, and sunshine!


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