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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Planting Lemon Trees - Building My Business Plan

If I really were a lemon, my business plan would be as easy as sunshine, water, nutrient rich soil, etc...I am much more than a lemon, I am the maker of lemonade which makes the business plan a bit more complex. If my consulting business is going to thrive, grow, and succeed, I need a well laid plan. Thank you to my dear friends for reminding me of that. Owning my own business is a dream and when I dream, I tend to dream in bright colors with wild brushstrokes and forget that the business world requires black and white (never red) with projections and expectations.

I wrote my business plan yesterday...and today I will re-write my business plan. When I read what I wrote yesterday, I realized that only a fool would lend me capital to start my business. Good thing I am my own fool since I spent a fair amount of money upgrading my software yesterday. I've also decided to lay a firm foundation before trying to be a successful entrepreneur. The business will not launch until September. This will give me time to really know what service(s) I am going to provide and to whom. Between now and then, I plan to contact those I already know to offer them free services in exchange for future referrals and testimonials. I also emailed the city to find out the specifics of what I need to do to be compliant with them.

There's a lot more work to owning your own business than I thought - but I must admit that it feels good to work toward something like owning your own business. It reminds me of all the diapers I changed for my own children...for some reason, when you love something, you are willing to do even the ickiest jobs to help them. In this case, I love 'Relax Consulting' and I'm happy to put together a business plan...but I can't wait until that's done and I can go back to being creative!

Bring on Those Lemons - I can't believe how grateful I am to have this opportunity to reinvent myself, start my own business, and really turn a lemony life into a tall refreshing glass of lemonade.

Bring it on - I'm ready!

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